Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 02- Archival Reviews

Tuesday, 12 Feb, from yesterday the effects of Saturn Retro began, even as 6 days still remain, for saturn to actually become retrograde. It's what they call Station, or a directional planet slowly grinding to a halt , check Link:

Entering the zone of Station, Saturn grinding to a halt feels like gravity suddenly increasing all around you. Everything feels slower, heavier, cumbersome, loaded. It's what Edgar Allan Poe, describes in his story 'House Of Usher', as, the lifting of the Veil, the hangover of the Opium user after the effects of intoxication wears off. The return to drab, mundane, dry  reality.
Till this very weekend I was partying  like nobody's business. A LOT of wild , whacky, large, social gathering at Gautams, Art Fair 2013, Comic Con 2013 in Dilli Haat which is already oozing with people,etc,etc. But SUDDENLY from yesterday, Monday morning, things have Crashed. After the long morning walk which surpisingly crashed my whole system. The long morning walk in the neighbouring forest that my wife suddenly began, after listening to friend Monindro's inspiring speech, and changed lifestyle. Surprise, cos i walk around all the time. But suddenly due to gas, indigestion, my system crashed. And the whole day went by a like a zombie, fog. Today i'm drinking a lot of water, slowly recovering. Hopefully, its not my "return" to the bad old days of ill health etc. Cause, Retro Saturn is happening in
Libra, my very Ascendant Sign, 1st house of physique/ body.

The idea is of Movement and Stillness. For Sun ruled people, this is the time for ACTION! A time for Dramatic Break thrus! No thinking much. JUST DO IT! Rock it! For Saturn ruled critters like myself, time to SLOW DOWN. To contemplate, brood, RETROspect, REturn, RE-VIEW! Follow this to avoid conflict/ confusion of Sun- Saturn energies

And that's what I intended to do, comprehensively use Saturnine process, this season 2013. To REVIEW acutely, update comprehensively, the mechanism, process, and journey of  Saturn Retrograde. Minutes of Raw, subjective, visceral data. This time, I've abandoned my last 8
years traditional, scrawly handwritten private journals, a lot of which gets lost. I've upgraded to a folder "saturn retro 2013" on my desktop. For sketches and narrations of this long annual 4.5 month odyssey. To be shared, reviewed, referenced and archived. Because
saturn Retro brings so much  heaviness, that it's vital to be consistently archived. To prevent a clogging of the auric, psychic senses. This being. Hence this archival process in this blog.  THIS is going to be my pilgrimage, my offering, in this long annual Saturn
Retrograde, season 2013. Jai Shanidev.