Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 14- Crossover 'PLUTO' week

Annual Saturn Retro, 2013, Day Nine. The Crossover effects described in detail in the previous Post has begun from Sunday itself. I relate the energies, qualities of this phase to Pluto: volcanic CORE, extreme energy, High Gravity, like the energy at the core of the earth, or even that of the Sun. A burning vortex of Gravity and energy. I feel like a passenger in a rocket ship sitting next to the HIGH energy of the ENGINES CORE. Being Saturn ruled, These last three days my brains on hold/ pause. I'm taking all the WRONG decisions and doing all the wrong things. Brains absent minded and Far away. A regression to my earlier state of diffused, attention deficient absent minded ness. Consciousness is blurred, behaviour all hodge, podge. At my worst. For Sun ruled people this should be a extraordinary phase of self actualization, focus, identity, foundation. They should utilize this weeks energy to Cross OVER..