Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 04- FLASH SURGERY

Today, 13th Feb, me and my wife went to Sitaram Bhartia hospital for her ear check up. A growth in her ear had blocked the tunnel since months. She had been advised to have it removed in the future. The process of check up, ear wax removal, consulting surgeon, admission, was due for us. A long winding mountain ahead.  But I forgot that it was Saturn Retrograde and that my wife's Sun ruled. A time for lightning fast movement.

As soon as we reached the hospital, the ENT consultant called in a surgeon, who said he can remove whenever possible. Wife said NOW, and she was put immediately into the procedure room. So rushed was it, that we had forgotten the basic Hospital card. While outside I waited and dwelled upon the  long processes and fundas of Saturn Retrograde, her surgery was over. Painkillers, medicines, later we're back in home. And I updated the humongous, comprehensive page:- Saturn Retro Theory. Please read it, cos I went IN and OUT of the Hospital to complete it So I experienced the first evidences of Sun- Saturn opposition of Saturn Retro 2013: Ultra Fast Flash motion for the Sun ruled. FLASH OPERATION of my wife. And Super Slow, ultra heavy, archival pace for us, Saturn ruled. Writing the Long winding, pending, heavy, humongous Saturn Retro Theory. --Jai Shanidev--