Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Log 22: The eternal process

Today finds me changing this blog name to Karmic Process, and rewriting the introduction page header again. Part of the Karmic Process. Purging, cleansing, modifying, changing, resolving. All different forms, procedures, and meta-dynamics of the Karmic Process. A process that goes on, eternally. Either very consciously, voluntarily, and actively. Or unconsciously, passively and involuntarily. Through deconstruction, interpretation, unraveling, and hundred other uncountable forms that I am yet to discover, or come across, this Karmic process goes on. But when you are conscious of this process, it happens much faster, smoother, and easier. But unconsciously, it is often quite nightmarish. Ghoulish even. My this very act, of  writing this blog on Karmic processes, is a highly personal Karmic Process itself. I write so fucking much! Why couldn't I simply make a book out of it? And become a great authority on the subject. Why blog!! Often when one post contradicts a previous one?? BECAUSE, this very act of this blog, is my own Karmic process. Where I am fated to share my own personal narratives and insights of the Karmic journey, the unfolding of the Karmic process. That's something that took me a billion years to realize.

I took a break from this post, and had the leftover spicy, mutton Chettinad from yesternight, when we had gone to Swagath restaurant, South Indian + seafood etc. It was tasting so awesome, one day later. When the spices had completely seeped and soaked into the fiber, and the oil had coagulated.  Because of Rahu in my third, I somehow find much higher, greater pleasures from stored, canned or leftover food. What, I want to say is that, it's a good sign. As opposed to last time, when I changed this blog into an avante garde, post modern thingy, and experienced a Karmic backlash. Today, by fine tuning the name/ decription of this blog to Karmic Process, I experienced a slice of pleasure,  uniqu, and specific to me. Rahu, leftover, oily, non veg food. A small unforeseen side effect of the Karmic Process? A small sign from the universe? I guess the way I am, I love the smaller signs better. ;) Cheerio/ Oreo! Cheers to the Process.