Saturday, February 8, 2014

Log 19: karmic reflections

From the earlier post, I continue the effects, feedbacks i recieve from the universe/ environment after my renaming this to Karmic Purgation. First, I get a very on the dot accurate daily forecast from, which is usually pretty vague for me, but which has been eerily accurate for my wife for a very long time. Just see the paradox: wife of an astro guy getting an very accurate daily forecast from a mechanical auto update from a popular astrology site, but thats how it is!! My astro forecast read:
Hi Adim! Here is your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Saturday, February 8

Every so often the universe enjoys taking a siesta in its seeming perpetual bombardment of humanity and terra firma with challenging and discordant solar, lunar and planetary alignments. When this kind of 24-hour time-period occurs, it is wise to reflect on recent changes in your life, review the errors and mistakes of the past, and count your blessings. In addition, today's Moon sign -- Gemini -- carries more significance than usual due to the scarcity of other celestial aspects and because the lunar orb only makes a mentally-energizing, 60-degree liaison with Uranus (5:57AM). Thus, reading, writing and research are reinforced.

How ironic that since yesterday I have been taking notes from Deleuzes' Anti- Oedipus in collaboration for my friend MM and later from Jean Baudrillard's  essays Transparencey of Evil, Blowback of Duality etc. And yestenight till 3 am, was taking physical notes (pen and paper) from the great work of Deconstruction: Jacques Derrida's "On Grammatology". 

Later, a friend Ritika Jawa wrote to me on facebook message: "Ur blog on karmic purging is interesting. Is it not based on our planetary movements when we go through such cleansing process, I feel its like soul activates few things based on its evolution in the current cycle to rid of the karmic baggage which is stored in our bodies.". suddenly she was saying something so appropriate to Karmic Purgation. I replied:  "yes, planetary transits are mere mechanishms by undergoing which we PURGE / get rid of the karmic baggage that is stored in our bodies...thats why karmic purging is most important!!!". 

Later friend Mousumi Banikya, posted a heartfelt piece on her life, in her blog: Mousumis blog piece: as-life-goes-on . I added both Ritika and Mousumi to my karmic programmLooked like there were other karmic reflections in my immediate  environment after initiating this karmic purgation blog. The high itch to change it's title to something like Karmic Plumbing, Karmic investigations, Karmic chronicles/ musings/ or something along those lines still persists. But let this stay for now. The effects of this karmic purgation have been quite fruitful. In their consequential chains of events. I was actually beginning to whine at this slow phase, but reading the astro update, and the inputs from the two friends above, i feel i am in karmic sync! have a nice weekend!