Friday, March 7, 2014

Log 23: Significance of Negative Planets

By this time, I'm having a bet on/ with myself, how long this current blog name, and description lasts. But since quite time now, I'm stopped backtracking and changing traces of my vacillating changes. Let these changes in the previous posts, remain a open testimony of my super restless / Khujli personae. Hmm, why I changed this time around to Negative Planets, is because suddenly I realized, that people experience highly visible results by undertaking therapies and remedies pertaining to the negative, debilitated, malefic planets in one's birth-chart. The blessings of the positive planets, are usually taken for granted, while the drawbacks, deficiencies, and challenges, of the Negative/ Malefic planets teach us karmic awareness, brings us redemption,  resolution and relief from our long pending Karmic Debts. In fact, I would go as far to say that knowing about the Karmic significance of the Negative/ Malefic planets is the highest goal and objective of Astrology. It is why, we have incarnated in this lifetime, in this particular birth.
In my own birth chart, comparisons between the Lagna Kundli and Navamsa chart, show that in past life I was a corrupt Guru/ priest/ God man. And in this life, have to make many am,ends in that direction to eliminate a lot of my Karmic curses. And this situation/ insight is easily divulged by comparing the position of Jupiter in both my Lagna Chart, and Navamsa. And it is , earlier ignore practice of remedies to debilitated/ malefic Jupiter that has brought me unforeseen positive signs and effects.