Thursday, February 6, 2014

Log 17: Returning to Karmic Purging

Like I had predicted, merely three posts back, the changing of name and objective of this blog and posts have consequently unleashed a backlash of undesirable effects and consequences upon my life, and immediate environment. Something, that I could have done without, in my long and winding journey of karmic unraveling. Luckily, because of the process of blogging, these embarrassing posts, in evidence of post modern aspirations would sink downwards, hopefully into relative oblivion, after some passage of time. Maybe I'm predestined to spew out karmic musings on these posts. Endlessly and forever! This blog might be form of Karmic catharsis, where the blog process is NOT progressive, but subtractive, reductive, cathartic in some form. Since, Sun- Mercury conjunction is in my 12th house of loss, so writing has to be some sort of subtraction, as in deconstruction.

Purging Karmic Issues= making room for Evolution/ Growth
During the past few days, (check my past few logs), was while transforming this blog completely into a post modern, deconstructive narrative, called Retroactive Blogs was to invite quite a horrific backlash from the Karmic, nightmarish  aspect of it. Divesting this blog of the supernatural, karmic, daeomnic components not only negates the interesting deconstructive, rhizomatic aspects BUT also immediately accelerates such demonic, nightmarish experiences in my own daily life. Immediately negating ALL intellectual breathing space for venturing into Deconstruction, rhizome, and post modern Retroactive perspectives. For me, to move away, to maintain polite Objective, scientific distance from the Karmic visceral standpoint, is to invite the utmost backlash, and wrath of these very Nightmarish Karmic forces. WHEREAS, delving deeply into the nightmarish, karmic, visceral aspect of things often yields some great Deconstructive pearls. WHEREAS, delving deeply, and directly into the nightmarish, karmic aspect of things spawns strange rhizomes of Deconstruction, in their own unpredictable, random style, back into my life.