Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Log 16: Definitely Maybe

I should have known earlier, that this blog renaming to "Retroactive Logs' would compulsorily, and necessarily counteract itself. BECAUSE that's what Retroactive motion does. Contradict, reverse, even itself. That's why I end changing blog names, statements of purpose, goals, mission statements 1000 times, etc. Since I began this Retroactive Logs, lots of things have begun haphazard in my life. Lots of clear cut boundaries around me, dissolving askew. AND because I changed this blog from a Karmic, Occult, astrological phenomenon to this relatively "Post Modern" terminology, in Retroaction, lots of things have reversed, inversed for me. Suddenly, astrological stuff, mantras, hymns, worship of planets have made a forceful return into my life. With a vengeance, indeed. I feel, blogging on Retroaction, has made my stars retrograde massively. But, dear faithful reader, especially my friend MM, with whom I collaborated, or rather who urged me to initiate this tangent of Retroaction, i shall continue in/ on the contradiction of this Retroactive path/ journey.

From the retroactive, deconstructive perspective, one compulsorily essential phenomenon of writing is that it is self defeating. More so, because I have Sun, Mercury in Virgo, my 12th house. See, I told you that, trying to be too post modern, would retroactively, bring forth the perspectives, heavily into astrological readings! So, now, knowing that the blogging process, is self negating, counteractive, contradictory, I still must then, take this into account and continue/ persevere to write! without having any topic, event, objective to write about, but merely the Retroactive phenomenon, for/ in/ by itself! I know for the fact, that readership of such a process, would be close to zero! As, who could understand, be interested, in retroactive fundas/ ponderings for/ in/ by itself. I should have created a porn blog, or erotic stories, that would have really rocked!! But then, there's so much of it around, about! And because of the freedom of the internet, it has moved onto another level! AND, another thing, am I technologically spoiled? Am I merely blogging, BECAUSE the facility, avenue, medium of blogging exists, and NOT because I have something profound and important to say? Is this the flip side of freedom? Do I have too much spare time on my hands? Am I definitely wasting my time on such stupid self pondering, examinations and analyses? Was this Retroactive initiative, too much than I asked for??

Maybe, I Defintely think so... Hear this song on youtube:  Definitely Maybe- Jeff Beck

Another bizarre thing! Jeff Beck's wailing guitar work of song Defintely Maybe by , on retroactive hindsight, directly reflects the qualities of my other two blogs: Serpentine AND Saturnine. TALK about contradictions/ retroactions..!!

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