Friday, February 7, 2014

Log 18: Karmic Purging in action

I'm happy to report that after changing the blog yesternight, name/ path/ mission statement to Karmic Purging, I'm seeing some better changes in my immediate environment. Suddenly things are flowing with better chi'. Such is the vital importance of Karmic purgation/ catharsis/ cleansing in out lives. It allows fresh new energy to flow into our lives. And also, there was a huge pressure on me throughout the entire day, yesterday before I finally got it it right. But today, considerably, with all the planetary positions, etc notwithstanding, suddenly the relaxed feel is very prevalent.
Today, I was supposed to go to my ayurdevic doctor at Chandiwala estate, because past few days, my whole body was burning, eyes vision blurry, urination almost burning, a pain sensation around the kidneys. But today, on it's own I'm feeling much better and relaxed. Thanks to the practice of Karmic Purgation. Thank God, that out of the three blogs, this one:, having my very name in the blog address, is connected and dedicated to the process and reflections of Karmic Purging. Also, as I write this, I feel good, because somewhere inside, my body feels that this was what i am/ is/ should supposed to talk, communicate, write about! I am feeling drowsy, and do you know what I connect drowsiness with (from karmic standpoint): this panel below...

That image is from my childhood comic book Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth, issue no. 55. I had to do a lot of  surfing to get that image. That was the first time I learnt the term "Drowsy" at 6- 7 years. An image grafted onto my mind since childhood, but retroactively, I relate this image approximately  to the Karmic Purgation technique. People talk about power, electricity, shakti, like in case of the. But purged off the positive ions, oxidized electricity, extra buzz, we feel more relaxed, chilled out. The Vortex Beast on the left hand side panel is flaming full on, with electrical  storm energy. But on the right hand side panel, purged off it's energy, it feels relaxed.( Or thats how I feel it should have been.) Generally, excess positive energy, in forms of gemstones, power Yantras, etc, give people more power, energy, excitement, high. But they can make you a mutated and grotesque Vortex beast. But through Karmic Purging, removing all that buzz/ high/ electricity/ shakti/ build up/ high can make you feel quite peaceful and drowsy. Like the Vortex beast chilling on the left...
Amen to Karmic purging!

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