Monday, February 10, 2014

Log 20: Meridian Lines of becoming

Sunday morning, our friend Sukirti dropped by unannounced, out of nowhere. She was my wife's colleague in Yum, and had been our immediate neighbour. After she shifted to Gurgaon, we had completely lost touch. To my surprise, the place I had been invited for lunch was in her very same building compound. The odds of this coincidence happening, i.e, her landing up at GK II, on the same morning, when I was going to her very residential compound in Gurgaon.

Coincidences/ synchronicities often reflect underlying Karma in action. As we traveled together towards Gurgaon, we had a long, winding chat about many issues. When she was our neighbour, I had tried to teach her a lot about my approaches to astrology/ Karma, but she had her own opposing schools of thought, which had led to a lot of heated debates. But, interacting after a long gap, I realised that, we had both been right and wrong at the same time. While we chose to understand and validate our individual paths, we renounced the validity, existence of the opposing path. But  Karmic understanding makes us realize the existence, validity, and importance of the other, the opposing path. Everyone has their karma, what works for someone, depends on their own individual karma, their stars, their particular energy. And, beneath the surface layers, diametrically opposite paths often led to the very same common goals and objectives. But to have an understanding of this, we had to personally go through the first hand process of Karmic Purging! Shedding off pending karma, inflated egos, and biased viewpoints through the voluntary/ involuntary processes of karmic purging. The more you purge, more the universe fills you up with free knowledge, gyaan, evolution, and your life with coincidences and synchronicity. Amen to that!

NOTE: as opposed to my earlier experience/ effort/ process of writing/ blogging, this meridian line of  Karmic Purging, this longitudinal axis of thought, has enabled me to connect the dots. Now I seem to easily pen down my many lateral experiences, and seemingly parallel events. I feel, finding your meridian line of becoming, blossoms many strange coincidences and synchronicity. And how does one find one's meridian line of becoming. Just practice in Karmic purging.  ;)