Sunday, February 23, 2014

Log 21: Deconstruction equals Clearing

Today, once again, I changed the name, or rather modified the blog name from Karmic Purging to Karmic Clearing. Purging sounded much more violent, and daemonic. I saw a recent horror movie The Conjuring stg, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson who are a married couple, professional demonologists, who help a suburban American family, plagued by a demonic witch. I found the movie excessively nightmarish, demonic. The violence of possession, chaos, and expurgation, And hence begin rethinking over the term Purging. It sounded too severe, and signifies a far more  extreme procedure. Karmic purging is but one of the extreme methods of Karmic clearing. But there are much more other, gradual process also. The overall term I had been searching for is/ was the term/ process of Karmic Clearing/ karmic resolution. Personally, I like the sound of this much more.. non violent, smoother, continuous, flowing. And instead of one major explosive expurgation, which is symbolised by serpentine Ketu, I would rather personally prefer the slow, continuous, GRADUAL process of Karmic Clearing, karmic resolutions as signified by Rahu or Saturn, my Karaka planets. That slower, gradual, process works much better with me. Hers to Karmic Clearings..

to be contd...

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