Saturday, February 1, 2014

Log 15: Retroactive process of blogging

One majorly relieving thing about blogging under the Retroactive banner is that one can, rather I can,  blog about movements, flows, processes. As opposed to previously blogging about "things", incidents, "happenings", events. Under the banner of the retroactive which is also synonymous with reflection/ retrospection, I can simply turn back on myself, fall inwards and spontaneously begin blogging. I don't need a thing/ topic, I need what Deleuze calls Hecceities, movements, flows, magnitudes of motion. And the effortless ease with which words themselves type themselves out on the  keyboard, is a natural side effect of  the retroactive process. On the 2nd last post "Log 13: Negation of Negation" the retroactive process had already begun, but I had simply not woken up to comprehend/ realise that. The manner in which I was effortlessly oozing thoughts out, was by product of the Retroactive process, but it's only now, on retroactive hindsight, that I begin to comprehend it. I had merely labelled it wrongly as "Negation of Negation" because of the necessary initial mis-recognition that the retroactive process compulsorily involves.

Today, I was re-updating the Page header "Retroactive Intro". I had written about the retroactive journey of my blogging process. But one major contradictory and retroactive element of blogging, which I'm being able to re-alise now, on retroactive hindsight, is that, blogging has been always been for me, much more than an outlet for voicing my  personal expression. in fact, it has been a cathartic, relieving,  mechanism for venting out my excess thoughts, oozing out my excess brain activity. And in a retroactive manner, it's been a medium for reading aloud my own excess thoughts. And furthermore, retroactively, blogging/ writing is a kind of feedback mechanism, which helps me to divorce myself from my excess thoughts. Voila!! I have been always (whenever I have not been trying to project on others with my "great knowledge", cerebral acumen), blogging for my own self. Blogging as a reflective mechanism, a retroactive process, for working my inner angst out. And in the process, making me somewhat lighter! Cheerio'/ Oreo to the Retroactive! Have a great weekend!