Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 65- Dark Unravellings..

25th May, Saturday. Annual  Saturn Retrograde, 2013, Day.. Wowwww!!! This has been one @#$%&^&*! LONG, WINDING HORRIFYING & KARMIC Saturn Retrograde season! AND, Boosted, amplified, to an acute level by the current ng Chaotic & Karmic planetary Transit in Aries – Libra. Check link: Because of this Transit,  SO MUCH pent up Karmic issues getting released all around. Explosions, combustions all around. Especially, from 11th April onwards.  For me, this has been my most utterly flop hometown visit EVER!! I feel considerably distraught at the wasteland/ catastrophe of my hometown sojourn. (Check earlier posts). But, it’s all written. Karmically designed before hand! But,  AT LEAST, I could fulfill my Long pending Tara Pooja at Kamakhya. 

Yesterday, I finally got to see the finished version of  my friend Baba’s short film “Chapter 3”. Check youtube link:  The film PERFECTLY spelt out the current mood of this prevailing planetary transit! Disturbing, dark, subdued violence. Canned Heat! About to explode. LONG PENDING KARMIC ISSUES, finally ABOUT  to explode. In your face. An uneasy knotting in your stomach. Of highly malefic terror, lurking in the backdrop. A PERFECT representation of the current explosive Ketu + Mars conjunction in Aries opposing the dark Lords Retrograde Saturn and Rahu in Libra. The character of the protagonist in the film reflects the Ketu approach.  Vengeance personified, cool, chilled, detached, the perfect assassin.  Before watching the pic, I was feeling this nameless terror/ horror of this phase. But after watching it, I could understand what I am going through.  Of pure Ketu terror!!