Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 61- Swamped!!

80th day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 8th May, Wednesday. Day before yesternight, Monday, bad beer, late night dinner, and terrible stomach upset. Whole night couldn't sleep due to breathlessness, old acid reflux problem up again. Was holed up in a friends office/ apartment, rasping, wheezing, without medicine. And no water supply till morning. A walk through hell!! And also, smashed my left feet index toe, on a door jamb. This time, this hometown visit at the wrong planetary  timing, has found me bogged with one after the other mishap!! Currently, even though Venus moved out of Aries on 4th May, ending the 7 planet opposition between Aries and Libra, but still SIX planets are still in opposition: Sun, Mars, Ketu, Mercury in Aries OPPOSING Saturn, Rahu in Libra!! And there is still time for this deadlock to end!! Relief is slowly coming, BUT not without the occasional disaster, this planetary mix up is creating. All in all, a very prolonged and ACUTE Saturn Retro experience!!

I cannot believe, that it's me writing, isolated, far away, quietly on this gloomy cloudy, noon. Far away from the maddening crowd, at a friends place, recovering, from the horrific stomach mishap! What a strange, estranged, chaotic, mixed up, hometown visit, this has been. Simply unbelievable!! But then, that's the scheduled program, of this years Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. On that saw the 7 planet opposition in Aries and Libra, ADDING/ multiplying its complication! So, be it. Last Saturday, I even foolishly violated by usual Saturday fast/ abstinence, of refrain from alcohol and non veg. So, this week has been even more acutely terrible, with stomach collapse, poisoning, breakdown, horror. But strangely, still I'm understanding the underlying funda: BEST not to THRIVE in such a complex, conflicting, planetary phase! SIX planets, in opposition, has made the usual fare of Saturn Retrograde, a far more complicated affair! And not to forget, that my journey itself, began from the very commencement of the & planet opposition from 29th April. So this drama, was bound to happen!! Dear gentle reader, if your'e finding yourself in great conflict since 29th April, it's perfectly normal. It's merely a Karmic effect of this complicated transit in Aries and Libra!! But, only when I sit down to write/ update in my blog, do I comprehend the underlying astrological significance of these past few days. Otherwise, even I'm like you, directly, personally, viscerally, undergoing the visceral un-becoming!! Becoming undone at the seams! Landing up, in the far backwaters, in the visceral, muddy, swampland of complex emotions and Karmic residues. 
This years Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, has become a LONg, winding, serpentine odyssey. Physically, very horrifying at times, but Karmically, the best ideal time. To crawl through the mud of complex, visceral, Karmic residues. NOT a time to be sweet, simple, flying high. On Monday night, when I woke up at my friends office/ apartment from severe, gas, acid, breathlessness, and without the emergency Asthalin at my side, I was suddenly transported to the bad old days. When for almost two decades, this was the usual scenario, in my life. A scenario, that I overcame after years of Ayurvedic therapy, treatment, health precautions, etc. The path of Saturn is a long winding serpentine trail. A trail of unravelling, that slowly reveals underlying layers, one by one. Hence, this "coincident" 7 planet opposition, directly occurring IN the house of saturn Retrograde, Libra, during the PEAK of Saturn Retro Velocity, is definitely, and extended Karmic schedule of this very journey. Something, like EXTRA Coaching!! Additional classes, to address a big entrance exam, ahead!! Yup, exactly something like that!
A scenario, that finds me, completely bogged down, in my own home turf, own home ground, int the worst possible chaotic manner. But yet, understanding it, on some other level.
A scenario, that finds me... Swamped!!