Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 58- "morning glory"

73rd day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 1st May, Wednesday. Today’s day 7 of 7 days of 100 %, Max, (4’ 33”), Saturn Retro velocity of 2013. From tomorrow,  Saturn Retro velocity diminishes throughout the month of May,  the Falling Retro phase. Today, its full on Retro Max Velocity of Saturn, and as like in many earlier posts, I’m smack in the middle of a Retrograde phenomenon.. The Void of the morning. Especially Wednesday morning
Since I am  very much Saturn ruled, obviously the word “morning glory” brings a completely different meaning to me. What goes through me during morning times, is what most Sun ruled people feel during evenings/ dusk, a time ruled by Saturn. A sombre, gloomy, feeling, heaviness, weight, void. Mornings are completely heavy times of void and Gravitas for me. Gravitas is the opposite of Impetus. And especially SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY MORNINGS!!  Coz, both the Sun and Mercury, are in my 12th house.  Especially in the house of Virgo, ruled by Mercury/ Budhbar. Hence, the “Wednesday Morning Glory, Budhbar Pratyush”! Give me Saturday dusk, anyday!! And today, I’ve woken up at Lueits place at morning. The weather is so utterly gloomy, cloudy, giving the PERFECT hue, texture, I FEEL during the “brightness/ optimism “ during mornings. HOW a SATURNINE/ Saturn ruled dude, FEELS during morning time! The true underlying meaning of “morning glory”!!
As I write this, Lueit practices his songs for his evening performance tonight. Singing and strumming songs on his guitar. He's the full sun ruled person! His wife Neha, and daughter Vana are  away in Jammu. Like described in the earlier post, the house is feeling so empty, quiet, silent, void, foreboding. Far removed from it’s usual hustle, bustle. Having  not yet recovered from my long train journey,  still feeling highly disoriented, I feel completely  unplugged from my own hometown.  From my own home ground!! The effects and feel Saturn’s Retro Max holds with FULL effects! I just am pondering the layers of Today: Day 7 of 7 days of 100% Max retro Velocity, 2013 PLUS Wednesday morning, in an empty house. The perfect choreography of Lord Saturn..