Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 62- An exquisite nightmare

12th May, Sunday, 84th day of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. As discussed in earlier posts, the effects of Falling Retro which should have begun from 2nd May itself, has been extended, magnified, amplified until the current date, due to the complicated 7 planet opposition in Libra and Aries. Libra is where the current Saturn Retrograde is going on. I want to talk about the week that was, 5th May, Sunday till today.

On Saturday, 4th May, oblivious of the complicated planetary transit ahead, urged by friends, I violated my usual Saturday abstinence from alcohol or non vegetarian food. This gross indiscretion had perfect timing. For I got rammed by the full force of the prevailing Sun- Saturn opposition, directly IN my ascendant sign, ruling my body. The whole week was a long serpentine, trail of food poisoning, gas, acidity, breathlessness, etc. An old horrifying stomach ailment I had suffered from childhood, and had considerably crossed over, had resurrected in FULL BLOOM!! And yet, in such an acute situation , i couldn't  rest and recover at home at all!! Every night I was out, late nights, guests, movements, acutely, horrifyingly magnified my week into a nightmarish crescendo!! The Pink Floyd song from their album "Momentary Lapse of Reason", the Song lyrics to "One Slip" goes.. "... One slip, and down the Hall, you go.."! How true! IF I had NOT violated my usual, decade long Saturday abstinence, the week wouldn't have been SO BAD, or SO HORRIFYING! Bereft of the usual protection of my Saturnine blessings, the Saturnine protective shield, I got RAMMED full force, by the 7 planet opposition directly IN my Ascendant Sign of Libra!! The old health nightmare of yesteryears was resurrected in full bloom. 
Moreover, the personage who urged me to break my fast was also horrifyingly affected by it. With equivalent professional mishaps in the the course of the passed week. 
Most of the week, I trudged, along, in severe acidity, gas, breathlessness, like a pure Zombie!! Most of the time, silent, drowning in ole nightmares of yore. As if, fate had designed me to experience the Full redemptive/ purgative impact of this complicated planetary transit. MINUS, the usual protective DISCOUNT of my Saturnine shield. MOREOVER, Aries, the opposite counterpart, of Libra, governing my partner, wife was also acutely affected.
 I distinctly recall, that the effects of Saturday evening violation of 4th may, began gently began to creep up from Sunday evening, 5th May. Gently, slowly, a elaborately designed disastrous epic unfolded. A week long exquisite nightmare. Of infinite detail and horror! Gently unfolding, scene by scene. Layer by layer. Event by event. Each event in itself, nothing much. But the overall buildup/ crescendo...  such horrific, and acute proportions, that literally left you breathless. My Asthalin spray, normally lying unused for months and years, almost got finished in the past week!! Yesterday and today, i have been watching Japanese films in a festival organized by friends at IIT , gwhy. And this made me , more aware, of the elaborate detail of nightmarish horror, of the past week. The screenplay details. The craft of horror. Especially, when you yourself are playing out the role! According to my predictions, the horrific effects should gently ease out from today, being Sunday evening. Another interesting synchronicity is that Saturday evening violation, has coincided with the APEX/ peak of the complicated, entangled, horrific, planetary transit currently going on in Libra and Aries. The week that was, was something else altogether. 
Amongst other events, I had begun to watch Project X, an unbelievably wild movie from the makers of the Hangover series, on Wednesday. But, I could only finish the movie today, Sunday evening!! Such, cue in, cue out points are the best clues to prevailing planetary transits, in our lives. Symmetric, analogous, geometric patterns, help us understand astrological phenomenon, natural cycles. It's this very observation of stars, cycles in all fields that have led to the evolution of mankind,be it in sciences, agriculture, arts, astrology. 
Today, so deeply immersed in the gloom of a Sunday evening. Only the sound of my fingers crawling, hammering over the keyboard. And the glow of my face in the light of this monitor, in this gloomy Sunday dusk. The random mosquito hovering near my ears. Their humming drone. The stillness, gravitas, palpable gloom of this still, void, Sunday evening. I lift my T shirt, and rub my belly, still a bit swollen from all that gas and acidity. the calcification of the past week has been unimaginable. Like stalagmites, in an deep old cave.  I couldn't even update much, this entire elaborate nightmarish week. But now, that I sit back, and retrospect, on hindsight, I see WHAT I have crossed. I was poring over and old, tattered journal from 2007. I had violated my saturday abstinence, on a normal day. and by Sunday evening, the phone call came. Of a dark and unbearable content. Of undigestible matter. And this past week, was literally undigestible. Everything I ate, I couldn't digest!! Stuck between the living and the dead. Gasping for breath. But yo, this nightmare was COMPLETELY my own making! Otherwise, however bad the prevailing planetary transit, i DO get my Saturnine discount. And somehow, slip and slide by. Like an escaped eel. But this week, cos of my indiscretion, I got stuck. In a exquisitely woven nightmarish net. Of pure thorns. So much for an evening of partying. That too, for a creature, who's almost partying every other night! I hope my next post is of relief, and NOt indescribable horror....