Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 64- Dark Odyssey

22nd May, Wednesday, 94th Day, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. Since the last post, so much horror has unfolded, it’s simply unimaginable. That too, in my own home ground Guwahati. In addition to health problems, chaos, disruptions, that I have entailed before, this Sunday I was hexed, cast a spell upon, by some people, whom I had visited. They slipped me something in the food, and I was suddenly in a trance. Because I have some anti- hex stuff in my body because of some prior bad experiences, so in case of such stunts the spell doesn’t work, BUT the mind- body goes haywire. Cognition, perception, coherence, clarity, continuity goes for a toss. I become like a limpid zombie for days, weeks. The brains Hard Disk crashes. And you have to reboot all over again. Meanwhile, crawling through an unimaginable state of zombiehood. Enduring fogginess, blurred perception, nervous spasms, a constant ringing in the head and ears, panic attacks, shaking hands, sudden spells of fear, spasms, sudden trachycardia, sudden spasmodic INCREASE in heartbeat/ pulse rate, sudden palpitation, blurred vision, blurred, fragmented memory, fragmented perception, amnesiac forgetfulness, impaired eyesight: stuff appears in fragmented, shaky collages. You are in stoned hell. The world is constantly spinning around you. And you can’t get a hold of it. You cannot focus on any object, vision is fragmented. Everything’s constantly spinning around. Basically, an unimaginable and utter hell.

BUT THIS is a direct CONSEQUENCE of Ketu Mars in Aries DIRECTLY aspecting this year current (Rahu conjunct) Saturn Retrograde in Libra. I was lucky to find this amazing article beforehand, explaining the horror of this phase since 11th April. The REASON BEHIND this current phase being SO HORRIFIC! Check Link: Surgery, stomach trouble, heart attack, chaos, scandal, disruption, horror, being the keywords for this phase. ESPECIALLY for Libra ascendants like me. The whole nightmarish transit IS happening INSIDE our ascendant sign Libra, ruling our body, mind, soul, identity, ego, etc. NO WONDER then, the horror of this phase!! MANY of my friends, close circle is going through unimaginable horror right now. Such is the Karmic, redemptive, function of this phase. The clearance/ Karmic purification potential of this phase, this extended journey of the usual annual Saturn Retrograde, is tremendous! The amount of horror, and hence the resultant Karmic purification you can undergo in such a phase is Not a joke! This is my 4th day in this hallucinogenic hell, it simply feels like an eternity/ yet sometimes unbelievably fast. I’ve lost track of days/ time days ago. There’s NO WAY OUT but through, like the Alanis Morisette song.

Moreover, I had to go to the dentist TWICE sop far for my stone/ plaque removal process. It normally takes a single session, but my infected gums bled SO Much, dentist had to extended the process to another session(s). and this procedure HAD been pending for years and years. In fact, when in 2007, I went to the dentist with my wife, he warned me of my infected, swollen, gums, and extreme stone/ plaque collection in my dentures. SIX LONG YEARS later, I get my mouth corrected through a process overextended by many visits, prolonged weeks. SO ACUTE was the condition. I think the state of my mouth/ dentures totally spell out/ reflect my Karmic situation: LOOONG PENDING DUES!

Hence this witchcraft/ poisoning upon me , is merely a Karmic fallout of prior lives. In one of my previous lives, I definitely was a occultist gone bad, a evil Tantric. And the horrific harvest I’m reaping currently is merely a manifestation of those prior seeds/ sowings. Such IS the Law of Karma. So there was NO use screaming, shouting, raising the alarm, hitting the panic button (despite the constant panic attacks  ). I was merely undergoing the nightmarish harvest of my former incarnation. AND IN THE MOST Acute planetary phase!! Ketu + Mars in 7th house/ Aries directly aspecting/ OPPOSING the current Saturn Retrograde conjunct Rahu IN my Ascendant/ Body/ self, 1st House/ Libra!! Any other planetary period, I would have thought about this horror. BUT during such an acute phase, it was obvious!! Maybe, NOT the exact incident, but the magnitude of torment/ trauma/ purgative cleansing was scheduled! Yes, EVEN such a horrific, sudden, unexpected, disruptive EVENT was scheduled under this years ESPECIALLY acute and horrifying Annual Saturn retrograde, 2013!

I have already OVERtaxed my overstressed, and currently tangled nerves, strained dentures, faltering consciousness, way too much for you, gentle reader. So I shall sign off abruptly, before collapsing under the current prevailing condition. G’ nite!