Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 60- Stings in the Tail

77th day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 5th May, Sunday. Early morning, was suddenly woken up by call from wife: wasps had stung her yet again!! My phone had been switched off, and I woke up blurred, groggy, by my sister. Like my ever favourite nightmare awakening scene from the movie Basic Instinct. In the scene, detective Nick (Michael Douglas) lays asleep in front of the  TV. On its screen, a nightmarish monster movie plays on. Suddenly, the phone rings. Groggily waking up, Nick answers it. Bad news! Nick crawls out and reaches a scene of crime. Cops, detectives, all around. A fellow detective, with whom he had a public brawl, lies leaning on the steering wheel of his car. A bullet hole in his head. Nick is the prime suspect. Nightmarish awakenings…

After talking to me, and updating the latest horror, my wife handed the phone to our landlord, Sunil, who’s an gifted astrologer, amongst other things. He intuitively enquired about the current prevailing transits, even as I updated him about the current Sun, Mars, Ketu in Aries opposing Saturn, Rahu in Libra. (check earlier post). Later, I pored over the ephemeris again. And, on second examination, the tunnel ran far deeper..
Since 29th of April- 4th May, Seven planets out of Nine, in Vedic astrology were in direct Opposition! Sun, Mars, Ketu, Venus, Mercury in Aries was opposing Saturn, Rahu in Libra. Needless to say, that coz of this, the drama of Saturn Retrograde has been acutely magnified!! Even though, reducing Retrograde velocity had commence from 2nd May itself. But, as usual, being severely Saturn + Ketu influenced, I get to know about current/ ongoing transits, always in the FAG END, at the TAIL END of things!! Always in retrospection and in hindsight!! 24 hrs, I keep on writing, updating about astrology, but always am blind to prevailing Transits, until they hit me on the head with their stings!!

So strange that in my home ground, hometown, feeling so estranged, disconnected from my Home Turf! But this high drama of 7 planet opposition between Aries and Libra has definitely contributed to this experience. One of my friends had a massive fallout with his family during these last few days, and is staying out. Another friend has relapsed deeply into his hangover from a broken relationship, regressing into bygone times. Another friend is down with backache, slipped disc. Our very prominent Education minister Hemanta Biswa Sarma was quoted by local Assamese papers to say that times were not alright until 15th May! As usual, the press makes fun of anyone pertaining to astrological beliefs. Then, go on ahead to publish the weekly Zodiac horoscopes!! Anyways, though I’m getting fried in complex, and unusual ways during these last few days, I can at least feel the SATISFACTION of considerable Karmic purgation, cleansing during these past 7 days. And dilly, dallying, in whimsical dispersions. And NOT investing any great energy/ investment during this unlikely/ artificial phase.. on steroids!!
To surmise, this year 2013, the peak Max 100 %  Saturn Retrograde was acutely aggravated, multiplied, DISTORTED, skewed, magnified, by the SEVEN PLANET OPPOSITION in Aries and Libra!!!