Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 59- Layers n Layers

76th day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 4th May, Saturday. Even though, Falling Retro finally began from 2nd May, Thursday itself, we’re still very much WITHIN an extremely catastrophic/ stagnating phase. Because, currently Saturn + Rahu in Libra is being directly opposed by Sun, Mars, Ketu, and temporarily even Venus, in Aries!! This drama of Retrograde Saturn being directly OPPOSED by Sun in Aries, has begun from 13th April itself. Already, Saturn in it’s PEAK Retrograde motion is weak, debilitated, and now being DIRECTLY opposed by the strongest SUN!! (Sun is exalted in Aries). Three fiery planets Sun, Mars, Ketu, also ruling the Pitta humour, fiery acidic, flaming qualities opposing the shadow lords Saturn and Rahu, in their strong position in Libra! Cosmic drama. Only twist in the tale is, Saturn is currently in Retrograde, SO the sun is far more stronger in Aries!! The imbalanced edge!! In the Sun’s exalted, empowered, energised, powerful transit thru Aries ( 13th April – 13th May), the highest opposition drama is  from 25th April- 4th May, when the Sun is travelling thru 10 degree- 190th degree of  Aries. In it’s peak Solar force. As it falls beyond 20 degrees, the planetary force of the sun diminishes. In fact, I felt slight changes from yester night itself, when I could feel the FIRST cracks in the long winding solar pressure since eternity. First was long 2.5 month Rising Retro phase of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, then the 2nd layer from the commencement of Chaitra Basant Navaratra, a highly Rajasic Solar Phase, since 11th  April, and 3rd  layer of  Mars transiting into Aries on 12th April, its own sign, directly opposing Saturn. Then the 4th layer of Sun itself transiting into Aries from 13th April!! All in all, this year 2013, the peak Max 100 %  Saturn Retrograde was vastly empowered, boosted, aggravated, multiplied, magnified On steroids by 4 ADDITIONAL transit layers!! Solar Drama to the power Four!!

Personally, I have been experiencing this unbelievable phase at an obviously catastrophic phase. The usual, normal purgative, redemptive process of Saturn Retrograde has been magnified and amplified to a great magnitude. But, as usual, being severely Saturn + Ketu influenced, I always get to know about current, prevailing transits in the FAG END, the extreme TAIL END of events!! Always in retrospection and in hindsight!! Have been feeling so UNIMAGINABLY groggy, weighed down, burdened, for no apparent reason. EVEN, in the my own hometown Guwahati, where it’s always like the Moon for me, a place of reduced gravity!! The Sun, Mars, and “kujavat” Ketu (Mars/ kuja like Ketu) opposing Saturn and Shanivat Rahu (Saturn/ Shini like Rahu) has created an unusual cosmic drama from 11th April onwards! A drama greatly amplified by the prevailing Solar/ Rajasic Basant Navartra. So many coinciding layers/ transits, coming together to create this phase. This uniquely, forceful, purgative , Karmic phase for those Saturn ruled. And a super powerful boost for those ruled by Rajasic Sun, Mars, etc. Personally, being a highly Saturnine dude, I felt these changes in a very constrictive stranglehold of old, prevailing, pending issues and conflicts. Magnified to an acute degree! But since the onset of Retrograde Saturn effects from early Feb, I have been prepared, and have been On this journey. This winding, serpentine trail with it’s cosmic climax!! It’s supernova eruption!! From yesterday itself, when the Sun entered the 19th degree of Aries, (peak strength being from 11th- 18th degree), I felt a subtle fall/ change in the surrounding environment. But very subtle. Later as afternoon came, I felt another subsequent change.
BUT  yesterday Noon was horrific!! I was with mychildhood  friend since kindergarten days, Sanjit Narayan, opposite his place, Beltola Rani Bagan, sipping tea in a ghumti (tea shack), almost over a drain. And I saw someone from my past, a significant and tumultuous era, “Thorn Bird” ( by a novel of the same name), stroll by past us, to collect her kids from a children’s centre. Needless to say, she was highly Sun, Mars ruled, and empowered by Ketu, a planet ruling the past. It was like Sighting a Ghost AT noon! I deliberated with friend Sanjit, and after sometime, simply cowered to a side, escaping, retreating, running away, before the “ghost” made her return!! On any other day, it would have been an a slightly awkward yet graceful intersection. But, NOT yesterday!! Today, when I’m writing this, and elaborating the planetary transits on hindsight, I thank myself, for my reluctance. Such was the layers and layers of these days…