Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 63- Law of Interval

12th May, Sunday evening, 84th day of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. As described in the earlier post, events happen in cyclic loops, spirals of becoming. Repeating patterns. When we work with Karma, Karmic reversion, we’ve to work with such roundabout serpentine loops. There are no straight cut roads. And it was ideal that, in the past week, however unpleasant, I could experience the roundabout, layered workings of Karmic processes. The drama, deviation that happened due to my last Saturday, 4th of May, breaking of the usual Saturday abstinence from alcohol/ non veg, commenced exactly from the evening of Sunday, 5th May. The pattern is such: week long effect/ residue of violation occurring on Saturday evening, commences gently from Sunday evening. It’s amazing that such weekly patterns DO EXIST. And, that’s the veracity of weekly fasts, weekly cycles. Interesting to note, that I found a copy of Mechanics Of God by Thomas Easley. Wherein, he talks about, amongst other things, about the Law of Seven. Comparing the evolution, transition of humans to the progression of Seven Notes of music, and the Secen colours of the Rainbow. IN SHORT, what I could make out, EVERY WEEK, is our, weekly progression, wherein, if we appropriate the energies of specific days, we can use the energy for progression, evolution. Fasting on specific dates are crucial to this weekly cycle. Such days, where we take a gap or INTERVAL from the usual flow of things. Easley, in his book describes the Law of Seven, also called the Interval Law..

1.     Law of Seven/ Interval Law: common to both material and immaterial realities.
2.     Uses the 7 notes, musical scale, VIBGYOR colours scale, 7 weekdays, to give it definition
3.     Indian: Sa- re- Ga- (Interval)- Ma- Pa- Dha- Ni- (interval)- Sa makes one series
4.     Hence, in the law of Seven,  TWO INTERVALS are mandatory for completion of the SEVEN series. Hence every week, we have Weekends (Two days holiday)
5.     Intervals are absolute/ mandatory, necessary life force, which gives the Seven sequence it’s meaning.
6.     There is an element of choice/ possibility in this Interval!! An awareness of possibilities, which helps us recognize its potential and possibility!
7.     The Interval is profound, awesome. Creation, evolution could not have happened without it.
8.     Realization of choice, and the sense to choose wisely, these INTERVALS are two blessings bestowed upon human nature.
9.     The Intervals in a Seven series, represent a deviation, gap, necessary, diversion from the usual, vibrational interval. HOW we use these two Intervals, is Upto us!
10. From the WEEKLY, astrological, religious viewpoint, Two Intervals, i.e, Two days of Fast/abstinence in a week can help us maintain, enjoy, our usual routine. But mostly, it’s also the necessary, mandatory gap, enabling us to make the weekly JUMP/ growth!
11. Since only two weeks, I have begun the weekly fasts on Thursday and Saturday. And this book finds itself into my hand. Thomas Elseys thoughts are of the Gurdjeff/ Ouspensky school of thought. But very congruous to our astrological, evolutionary, Karmic viewpoint!

Also, it's this Law of Interval/ Gap which helped me find the Value/ validity of the weekly fast..