Monday, June 24, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 72- Paris Reversed 05

24th June, Monday, 2013. More or less, it has become the conclusion of this long Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, even though Saturn will turn directional only in 1st week of July. The effects of Saturn Retrograde, commence 15 days before the actual Retrograde begins/ ends. This will be my 72nd and concluding post on Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013.

As i was describing in the previous 4 posts, this years final week of Ultra Retro 2013, i.e, Monday 17th Jun- 23rd Jun Sunday was exact inverse of the final week of Ultra Retro 2009, Monday, 27th April- Sunday, 2nd May, the EXACT period of my Paris Trip, 2009. On Saturday evening, 22nd Jun, 2013, I had to suddenly leave FOR Shillong to attend to a half completed Vastu assignment.

On 2nd May, 2009, evening, we left FROM Paris. The entire Sunday, of 3rd May, 2009, was a day of coming down, into the Void/ Furnace/ Gravitas of Delhi. Whereas, exactly Sunday, 23rd Jun, 2013, represented an ESCAPE/ ANTI GRAVITY from the Furnace of Guwahati Heat Wave, into the Haven of Un-planned Shillong. The client took me to the Cathedral in the evening, and to Shillong Cafe where a live band was playing. I actually felt like being in Europe. DAY FOR EXACT REVERSAL of the almost Penultimate Day of Saturn Retrograde 2009 and 2013.

Monday, 4th May, 2009 represented such an dark Gravitas/ Return to Ground zero and descending. There is such an acute entry in my journal of 2009 about the return to the Summer horror/ Void of then New Delhi's hottest summer. Especially from the sudden contrast of a magical, sudden week in Paris. Whereas TODAY, Monday, 24th Jun, 2013 wherein I had to extend my trip in Shillong, a sudden Haven, because of the availability of workmen pertaining to the site!!

BASICALLY, Saturn Retrograde works!! Especially, in my case. I dont know WHAT the coming days bring BUT  want to officially conclude this long Series on Saturn Retro 2013. Henceforth, I may later update under Post heading ""Harvests 2103, that is, any result arising from the sacrifices/ redemptions partaken during Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. Jai Shanidev!! Whew!