Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 71- Paris Reversed 04

22nd June, Saturday, 2:02 am. What a late night for blogging update. But then, this is when i found access to time/ net/ space. in previous 4 posts i wrote how this year, 2013's Saturn Retrograde's final 'Ultra Retro' has become inverse of Paris Trip, 2009. Some of the gentle readers have already complained about me repeating myself. But thats what EXACTLY a Saturn ruled person does, during Saturn Retrograde, especially its final/ concluding Ultra Retro phase.

As opposed to Wednesday, 29th April, 2009, when I had spent the entire day in magnifique Louvre museum, mine 19th Jun, Wednesday, 2013, INVERSELY, I spent in our office space, painting our bathroom with live action colours, splattering colour all over me.

Ultra Retro 2009, this day was spent Consuming/ absorbing/ observing most famous, historical, Globally recognised, acclaimed, art of the Louvre museum. And INVERSELY, this Ultra Retro 2013, was spent in creating personal OUTput of personal, narrow, artistic expression, albeit, in a obscure corner of our office bathroom.

Later, afternoon, spent day in Brahmaputra resort with Santu and Lovita, who had taken me out for lunch. It was the SAME place, we had all visited after our wedding ceremony in Nov 2005. During Saturn Retro 2005. Suddenly, i WAS transported back in time. Had never revisited it during all Guwahati trips, since then. But only NOW, during ultra retro 2013.

Thursday, 30th April, 2009, I spent in roaming Paris, in it's wild romantic beauty. Though, no journal entries remain. i seem to have been Completely Bedazzled by the beauty of Paris. Too stunned, and starstruck, even to have made some basic journal entries!! (For one, who has always kept such extensive records of an ordinary day). Thursday, 20th June, 2013, was spent selecting and hauling tiles in hot, humid, tropical noon from a dark warehouse for the completion of our office's extension room for my sisters office space. After a long and leisurely sojourn at hometown, it was a day of acute physical labour, heat, dehydration, etc. Evening, i went far for a task to khura's place, but later which proved fallow/ barren. Late evening, i just dissipated mine energies, after failed and laborious endeavors of the day. Later cousin Ahir and i visited a sick friend Aren, who was down with typhoid. Her usual bustling place of countless people, felt like Rue de Morgue, with its pallid gloom, sickness in the air. Perfect contradictory atmosphere of Saturn Retrograde. The silence was deafening. None of her usual party friends were around. Only us, two random friends, sitting in equivalent gloomy silence.

On 1st May, 2009, being May Day in Paris, the streets were crowded with unimaginable processions, events, performances, rallies, demonstrations, picnics, and unimaginable scene. I shot a long montage shot of a group of female drummers in yellow-jackets in a unimaginable traveling rhythm. it was the most unimaginable LIVE high of my life, until then. A shot that I have edited and re-edited a thousand times after that. INVERSELY, Today, Friday, 21st June, 2013, was spent in extreme bustle of jumpstarting my sisters media extension, in our fathers office. Getting priest, pooja, foodstuff, this and that. Later, i had accidentally taken the house keys with me, severely locking out all from home, and getting severely rebuked for the same.

But today, after an entire day of sourness, letdowns, late evening, suddenly inexplicably met up with two old friends and was in an uncharacteristic elated mood.  INVERSELY, by evening of 1st May, 2009, must have felt despondent, and gloomy in Paris. As the magic of Mayday in Paris, was HIGH, but only one more day remained in Paris, the next day, Saturday!!

It's NECCESARY for me to write about Ultra Retro/ Saturn Retro days in such detail, because Saturn Retrograde, demands it. Such detailed archival comparisons. When saturn Retro, finally ends, I can (hopefully) get back to motion/ movement. Normalcy.

 Such complicated, obssessive, comparisons are natural and necessary  during Saturn Retrograde. Especially, during Ultra Retro.