Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 67- Retro Regrets

5th June, Wednesday, Day 4 of three weeks of Ultra Retro, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. As I explained before, these three weeks of Annual Saturn Retrograde, namely Ultra Retro (2nd – 23rd Jun) is the most acute, over amplified period of Saturn Retrograde. The sting of Retrograde’s tail!! For Saturn ruled people, this three week period is one of ACUTE regression, rewind, redemption, reviewing. And, for Sun ruled people an extreme period of progression, advancement, forward, proactive, dynamic motion. The energy of this three weeks of Ultra Retro period can be taken as 175% MORE of the usual effects and influence of Saturn Retrograde.

Today, I was at our Guwahati club adda after a long time. I was talking with old friends Ronen Deuri, Ranga, Baba etc. I was meeting Ronen after a gap of 7 years almost. In our conversations we landed up to the period just before my shifting to Delhi after marriage. Comparing notes with him I slowly unraveled a grand and cosmic scale of monstrous REGRET. Possible ONLY under acute influence of Saturn Retrograde.

As explained in the previous post, the entire Saga of my marriage and the consequent shifting base to Delhi, happened during Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2005– 06. As my journals of that period testify, this grand SHIFT/ movement was perceived as a GREAT LEAP FORWARD, then. But NOW, seven years later, as the results come to the fore, the conclusion is immanent: For Saturn Ruled people, DECISIONS, PROGRESSIONS, especially, MEGA SCALED ENDEAVOURS during Saturn Retrograde bear TOTALLY EMPTY HARVEST, FALLOW REAPINGS!! For Saturn ruled people, such MEGA endeavors, initiatives during Saturn Retrograde bring IMMENSE REGRET, and COLLOSSAL ATONEMENT!!

In fact, in some of my previous articles/posts, I HAVE mentioned in detail THAT, for me, almost all my, landmark breakthroughs, major beginnings HAVE all commenced during Annual Saturn Retrograde. Spawning a vast harvest of withering, decaying harvests!! Those having doubts about the scale, power of Saturn Retrograde, kindly recall Napoleons battle of Waterloo and the Pandavas in the losing dice game with the Kauravas in the Mahabharat. The 4.5 month period of the Annual Saturn Retrograde has power enough to create EVENTS whose long lasting results and effects can LAST for years and years!! For Saturn it’s all about Long LASTING EFFECTS!! One way or another.

Later, after my friend Ronen dropped me home, I remained in a half drunk stupor for a long time. Awash with a tidal wave of emotions. The conversations of the evening rewinding the the period of the false “take off” during Saturn Retro 2005- 06. If anything, I have only moved massively backwards, regressed backwards in time, since then. FOR, that initial transgression of 2005- 06, was followed by a litany of long series of mistakes/ forward motions during subsequent Annual Saturn Retrograde periods. Year after year!! Wherein, instead of remaining in stagnation/ hibernation, I had participated in the most forward, proactive, dynamic, headlong rush during Saturn Retrograde. Thus, in this post, being in the 3rd day of Ultra Retro period of Saturn Retro 2013..

I want to take my personal regret and atonement to the max

So that, in some serpentine, vague way..

I MAY, somewhat, reduce/ negate/ redeem

those GROSS oversights/ mistakes of previous Retro years...