Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 70- Paris Reversed 03

18th June, Tuesday, as I described in the previous three  posts, this years Saturn Retro 2013’s final week (17th Jun, Monday- 23rd Jun, Sunday) is/ has/ become/ becoming  a SYMMETRICAL  INVERSE/ REVERSE of my Paris Trip of Saturn Retro 2009, (27th April, Monday- 3rd May, Sunday).  A kind of mandatory, (in) voluntary, REVERSAL to counteract years of previous  transgressions during Saturn Retro. AND, a REVERSAL, which is also helping unravel  two different orders/ entities of contemporary thought, namely the fantasmatic Object/ Desire of Paris Trip 2009, and the VOID/ Black hole of Hometown Guwahati trip of 2013. Saturn Retrograde is where it’s all happening. Vedic Scholars were tripping on OUR so called cutting edge, contemporary, cutting edge TIME LOOP.. long back in the ancient times!!

Reversals between:  Monday, 27th April, 2009- Monday , 17th Jun, 2013
Monday, 27th April, 2009, early morning we set out of home for Paris. Entire noon time was spent in international airport, Immigration form, process. By noon, our flight had taken off. Meanwhile, just before taking off, Sangeeta, bought a packet of Assam Tea from International airport, for her colleagues in Paris. This act was a Virtual of the Virtual of the Virtual. Being from Assam, buying Tea not from Assam, nor Delhi local market, BUT the outgoing counter of the International airport!! In contrast, Monday 17th June, was a complete INVERSE/ REVERSE. Woke late from friend Adil’s office, had to come home in searing heat, because of the construction work, going on at home and office simultaneously. Later  walked in searing heat of Guwhati’s heat spell, noon, went with painters to buy additional paints for Vastu correction of our kitchen and eastern area, a LONG PENDING task, since yesteryears!  

Whereas, in Monday, Retro 2009, I was suspended in Unfolding Anti Gravity, Virtual Reality, and strangely felt ONE amidst unknown strangers in a strange land. Conversely, on Monday Retro 2013, I was in the heart of Gravitas, the mud PIT deep inside home ground. There was no electricity, water, lift, etc, at home. The sweltering heat, the heart of the Pan- asian dystopia! Later, had gone with Lueit to our fellow hostelite/ architect Parthajeet Sharma’s book launch, “Smart Phones, Dumb People”. Where I was remarked upon by some acquaintances, Senitinels of Assamese Culture” on my shabby hair, clothes, un-smart appearance. Which pierced my ego/ heart, because I’m NOT the casual attitude, that I recklessly portray. Despite my current Saturn Retro bearded, scrawny, and shabby look. But good timing, being Saturn Ultra Retro, especially Paris reverse

In  afternoon of Monday 27th April, 09, a stranger, visitor from south Africa helped me out regarding some queries regarding Paris. Whereas, now here in  2013, got insult, tenga, from forever known faces. DIRECT Symmetrical Inverse!!

In Ultra Retro 2009, during this exact time, Monday evening, had entered  Paris, in rainy, divine weather, a magical suspended journey from airport to Champs De Elysees. The Anti Gravity, magic, mystery in the air was too much. Cool Europe, Parisian magic, at its sublime best. During Later, evening, I went with Bitu to khuras place for some astro corrections. Soaking in sweat, in the sweltering heat, we had rum like fools. And, were almost collapsing in the “gela Gorom”.  Later, Bitu and I came down to Hridoys place. In the sweltering heat, we drank and talked of metaphysics. I poured water over myself, didn’t dry, wear clothes, just to stay alive. The Gravitas, in the air was too much. Tropical Asia, at its humid worst.
Further, later into the night I went to my young friend Mon’s place at Usha Court, Zoo Tiniali. His apartment/ building carries a distinct residue of the political turbulence of early Assam. Ask any resident, they can testify about the dark phase, upheaval, political turbulence of Assam, and this building’s centre stage in it.  Every time, I come here and stay overnight, I get swallowed by dreams and stories of past political backwaters. Far backwaters, stories of unimaginable darkness, chaos, mayhem, violence, rupture. And the residual energy of this building, which had many ceremonies performed here to purify it’s quarters, still carries a tangential residue of an unique nature. It’s yellow, gloomy, gothic,  and carries a strange spidery feeling.  

A perfect inverse of the interiors of Hotel California, in Champs’ De Elysses, in front of the Arch De Triumph, at the HEART of Paris, where we stayed in, in our Paris Trip, Ultra Retro, 2009. Comparing Monday 27th April, ’09, our first night in Hotel California, (the strangest of names ever), I felt odd, out of place, jittery by the European texture of things. But conversely, Monday, 17th Jun, ’13, I felt STRANGELY welcome into familiar Gravitas, residual Heaviness,  of Mons place at Usha court. Slipping into a familiar, dark, swamp, a yellow, gothic, pool, it had meaning, infamous roots in dark terror. BUT yet, purged, comforting, darkness incarnate. Saturnine. The perfect abode for RE-ENTRY during  Ultra Retro!

On Monday, 27th April ’2009, I was staying in the heart of  the Fantasmatic Object/ Simulation, staying in a “Hotel California” in Champs De Elysses, Paris. However, yesterday Monday, hometown Retro ’13, Conversely, I was stationed in the Void/ gravitas of Usha Court. In 2009, the fantsmatic object, too bright to bear, too much to unwind. And in 2013, despite it’s universally recognized terror, the Void was welcoming, soothing, helping one unwind from the blazing inferno of the Solar inferno, outside. A brief, DARK, shady, and COMFORING haunt!!

Tuesday, 28th April, 2009- Tuesday , 18th Jun, 2013
Tuesday, 28th April, 2009, was the first morning, when I set out in Paris, alone, after Sangeeta had left for her official work. For a person, who hardly does any travelling alone, nor exploration, adventure, it was a remarkable, lifetime event. Exploring Paris, all on my own, without knowing the language, a brand new unimaginable adventure. An unimaginable, MAGICAL Voyage. Suspended in Unimaginable ANTI GRAVITY.  In contrast, Tuesday 18th June, 2013, was a complete INVERSE/ REVERSE. Woke late at Mon’s place, late, outside the world with its busy traffic, chaotic roads, rolled by, I felt like The One Who Got Off The Ride!! Left behind by the world, long behind, far backwaters! Woke up to the ever familiar NIGHTMARISH Void, of HaNGOVER,  of the Horror of the Real. Had to come home in searing heat, because of the construction work, going on at home and office simultaneously. House was in a grand mess, wall cut, AC pipes, repair, renovation in full bloom. The nightmare of Reality. Dust, chaos, exposed veines/ arteries of the house. Mother narrating NIGHTMARISH stories of water, electricity, domestic problems. Nightmaruish realities. Suddenly , I was DEEP into the dark, humid , intestines, the suffocating BELLY of the BEAST!! 

 Tuesday, 28th April, 2009, the whole day, I roamed around, until my feet pained, in the magical city of Paris. Exploring, discovering. Conversely, Tuesday 18th June, 2013, was a complete INVERSE/ REVERSE, dealing with domestic problems, broken pipes, leakages, dust, viscera of Home, which I normally deal with, always roaming about, in Hometown Guwahati. Later, after sisters room AC got installed, collapsed, lazed for endless hours, uncharacteristically AT HOME, WHOLE DAY in Inexplicable REST/ INERTIA, but explainable only by it’s Symmetric Inverse:  

 Tuesday, 28th April, 2009, a day where I was in unwarranted movement, motion, exploring the Virgin territory of Paris. Getting over my fears, getting to know Paris, in its sublime magic. FRESH, NEW, SUBLIME, MAGIC in contrast to Tuesday 18th June, OLD HORRORS RESURRECTED. NOW, as I write out this final para, completeing it’s final instalment in Lueits office, and after a spell of HOT/ COLD contrasts, (AC/ outside, again and again) am having a hideous cold, in this  Hot weather.

I can definitely testify regarding my emotional state during Evening in Paris, Tuesday, 28th April, 2009, that after a spell of Diverse contrasts, I must have finally dissolved it into a understanding/ Integrity/ universal Fundament/ an Organic whole about the City I had been formerly, so apprehensive about. Conversely, Tuesday 18th June, 2013, was a complete NIGHTMARE, in my ever familiar hometown, a day of diverse contrasts, which find me, in Hot/ Cold nightmarish unease. Neurasentic irritation. 

 Evening in Paris, Tuesday, 28th April, 2009, found me in  SATISFACTION at having dealt well with a Brand New World, so well. Whereas, evening, Tuesday 18th June, 2013, in hometown finds me so ruffled, askew, jittery, loose, COME Undone at the seams, at having handled OLD HORRORS RESURRECTED, so badly.  

“Tomorrow”, Wednesday, 29th April, 2009, was the Day, when I went and visited and stayed the whole day at the Louvre Museum. I wonder what, TOMORROW, Wednesday, 19th June, 2013, in it’s DEMONIC INVERSE, will serve on my plate! I rightfully Shudder!! Signing off, for now.. !