Saturday, August 3, 2013

New delhi: my Karmic Land

3rd August, Saturday night, 2013. Been two weeks now, since my return to Delhi. After a long spell in hometwon Guwahati. AND one thing I noticed, that, whatever else, Delhi IS my Karma Land. My Place of Karmic connections. For these past two weeks, despite everything else, Karmic events with different people was in great occurence! No doubt, that now my main profession lying in the domain of the Occult, namely being a Vastu consultant, Astro counselor, the possibility of such spiritual, Karmic connections definitely increase. BUT in this case, I'm talking OUTSIDE the purview of professional schedule. Random, meetings, incidents, circumstances, hold SO MUCH KARMIC WEIGHT for me in Delhi. Be it in terms of Karmic liabilities. i've discussed already earlier, my Karmic revelations about my own life. But the implications of all these Karmic Connections can be MOST felt in Delhi, for me!

I recollect the Karmic tenets of the Falun Gong order, which I've been fortunate to be acquainted in the past few years. and, even those of Daimuku Buddhist Chanting, which our Landlord Sunil, is a fervent practitioner of. Tenets which state when a considerable amount of prarabdh / pending Karma has been extinguished from our souls/ bodies, spiritual ascendancy becomes a natural Process for us.
THE EVIDENCE of this I found in my recent trip to hometwon guwahati. Previously unnoticed newer doors were opened to me with effortless ease. And both these school of thoughts, Falun Gong and Daimuku Buddhist Chanting STATE specifically THAT the INNER MENTAL STATE  IS the MOST EXALTED PROCESS for Karmic cleansing. an Inner mental state which encourages qualitiesd like Tolerance, Forbearance,  Benevolence, Gratitude, Detachment to RESULTS. Though I cant say, that i've become a great Sage, or wise one, but YES, this Karmic cleansing process has enabled me to see these hidden, underlying Karmic Designs, of our mundane life MUCH sharper, better, and clearer. Hail to That! Hail to my Karma Land of Delhi. for teaching me quite some Forbearance, Humility, Tolreance.

Reading my journals, previous to my marriage, and BEFORE having moved to Delhi, in 2006, I found in myself, quite a high DOSE of spiritual arrogance, Judgemental attitudes, Hidden conceit, stubbornness, and Naive Vanity. The HARD knocks of Delhi has helped me to open my eyes to Karmic stuff, previously highly ignored and looked over. I aint saying, i'm a Great Sage today. BUT you should've met me previously before delhi. I WAS quite an arrogant prick. Albeit in disguise. Cheers to the furnace of Delhi, in making me more Chilled out!! Cheers to THAT..  ;)

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