Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Log 25: Experimenting with Names/ avatars

Like I described in a prior previous post, "Log 17: Returning to Karmic Purging", that changing the blog to something else invites an accelerated backlash from my pending Karmic issues. For this blogging process itself is an personal process for Karmic Clearing/ catharsis for me. Today, when I changed the blog title once again to Karmic Clearing, from it's previous avatar of  "Karmic Planets" which focussed on a highly astrological aspect of the Karmic process, I found an immediate response/ indication from the universe... ..

For the past quite a few days I have been having a lot of non vegetarian, oily, spicy, food, alcohol uninterruptedly, which is actually quite unusual for me. And as mentioned in the earlier post, I had to visit my Ayurvedic Doctor at Chandiwala ayurvedic dispensary for consultation, and her subsequent advice, medicines to control my usual ailment of stomach problems, heat, indigestion, etc. Even after, her treatment and techniques, somehow I was indulging full on, by circumstance and friendly invitations, still binging  on non vegetarian food and alcohol. Up and until yesternight, when I was invited unplanned to my friend Susmit's house for dinner, and binged on his divine Gumbo chicken and rum. While at his place, we watched Imtiaz Ali's earlier movie, Rockstar, on his laptop, and later played windows MahJong. It involved clearing out pairs of similar tokens, layer by layers. It always reminded me of Karmic Clearings. We were hooked ionto the game for hours. It was surely a sign for me, remidning me of the name Karmic Clearing..

Today, as soon as I uploaded the blog name / avatar changes to Karmic Clearing, a plate of overtly healthy, fibrous vegetables, full of anti oxidants, etc, was put before me. As my wife puts it, lot of veggies had piled up over the past few days, and had to be utilised before getting spoiled.  Eating this meal, felt immediately relaxing, and I could feel my stomach muscles, forehead, relax, after for a long time. The system was finding some relief from it's piling up overindulgence.  Updating this blog to Karmic Clearing found definitely me in the process of Clearing my piled up, pending stomach issues for now... ;)
Cheers to Karmic Clearing!

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