Saturday, March 8, 2014

Log 24: Karmic Planets and therapies

Since last two days, I've been having fever, body heat, temperature, nose bleeds etc. My ayurvedic doctor who sits at Banarasidas Chandiwala estate, told me that, as usual, it was my increased body heat. As per her instructions, along with her medicines, I have mad a suji out of ghee and besan, which I'm mixing it with milk for reducing body heat. For my nose bleeds, she asked me to put raw coriander juice (kaccha dhaniya ras) through my nostrils. Also, I had kaccha haldi (raw tumeric) with milk for probable internal wounds, bleeding. Over the years, visiting her with my numerous ailments help me slowly improve without going to the hospital, doctor, unless for critical issues. Other than that, I always elect to suffer the inconveniences and manageable traumas of the body as a method to clear out pending Karmic debts.

I'm Libran ascendant, Tula Lagna, the Sun, my lord of the 11th house signifying Karmic credits/ gain sitting in my 12th house, signifying Karmic debts/ loss, indicates many widespread diseases and obstacles in the first half of my life. But as the Karmic debts are paid off, gradually, brings relief and improvement. Gradually, over time, as my lifetime of health and indigestion has begun improving, I have begun developing a demonic craving for all non vegetarian food, and alcohol. This is quite strange as generally people have such cravings in their hot blooded youth, and which,  due to an aging body, gradually diminish over time. For me, this reverse pattern has arisen because of debilitated Rahu in my 3rd house, of desire, expression, siblings. As we know, any malefic planet in Upachaya houses, (3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th houses from ascendant) gives gradual improvement and strengthening of that planets qualities over time. Rahu, as is known is the master of craving, desire, tamsic foods, alocholic beverages, sexuality, libido, consumerism, etc. Hence this symptom that I am experiencing. Now when I look back, the last 14 years, the very prime of my youth has been spent almost like a monk, an recluse, in pursuit of astrology, worship, prayers, solving problems, grappling with existence itself. Only now,  recently over time, Rahu in my 3rd house, has slowly begun coming alive.
 But like my ayurvedic doctor told, I should not overdo it, because of my newfound improved deigestion, and follow a balanced middle math, to go with the flow! cheers!