Sunday, March 16, 2014

Log 28: saturn Retrograde 2014 energies

I was supposed to write this post in my other Saturnine blog. But here I am blogging in karmic unravelling. Why? maybe because the period of Saturn Retrograde is a period for karmic unravelling for me. Already, I wrote in detail about Saturn retrograde 2014, here: saturn retro post : schedule: 4th-mar-21st-july But like last year's 72 posts on Saturn retrograde 2013, on this very blog, (click link: search label /topic category= Saturn Retro 2013) I think I'll blog in this blog only. 

Check the graph above, the first sub phase, two weeks RED of, phase Yellow Coloured "increasing Retro" phase till 18th Feb, Tuesday is the most intense energy of Saturn retrograde, it's maximum change percentage wise, in  daily velocity increase. Hence the maximum acceleration. And hence maximum Force of retrograde energy experienced. The physics of astrological calculations. Hence for all Saturnine people it's time to introspect, retrospect, chill, muse. Drown as much possible in stillness, inertia, quietude. Here's the period for maximum Potential energy accumulation. So later when Saturn moves forward, we can go kinetic, and move forward too. 

This is when this blog got named too into Karmic Unraveling, two days back. Saturn retrograde is a highly karmic period for me, especially the first four weeks. A good time for pulling back as much as possible and most introspective karmic unraveling. "cheers" to that..