Saturday, March 15, 2014

Log 26: journey of Karmic unraveling

Today while on Facebook, I was invited by our friend Mishti's  to like page Inner Katha Interventions. While browsing through her page, I found this haunting picture below on her wall.

This picture brought to light an issue that I had been since long festering within my self. The inner conflict of Being v.s. Becoming, Object v.s. Process, within me. In all my blogs, writings, posts, it's deconstruction, processes of becoming, that I preach and harp about, BUT yet within myself I have this huge fetish for Objects/ Objectivity/ Things/ Banners/ Labels/ Logos/ Structures/ Hierarchies, inside me. Yet, all the stuff that's been worth sharing so far, have been always been all about Events/ happenings/ experiences, and residues, by-products of an ongoing processes of karmic unraveling.

This picture on Mishti's facebook page, suddenly seemed to provide the breakthrough. I have been on a journey, a process of unraveling self discovery since long I can remember. And as far as my estimate goes, will continue to be on this journey, this highway of unraveling self discovery. By virtue of my being on this karmic journey, experiences would happen to me, insights would come to me, Objects would find me, and NOT the other way around. Hence objectively trying to search "things", define an open ended process has always invited a lacking, a failure, an  irritating itchiness within. All I should do, is pray attention, tribute and acknowledgement to this ongoing process of slef unraveling, karmic unraveling. Rest would come on it's own, on their own steam.

Same like, how this picture randomly.. found me!