Monday, December 24, 2012

Log 07: High Drama vs crawls pace

FINALLY Rahu in Scorpio - and Ketu in Taurus over.  After 1.5 years. Rahu in scorpio and Ketu in taurus was rupturous for me, man!!!! today. Yesterday, Sunday, night 9:40 pm, 23rd Dec, 2012, old cycle ends, and a new begins.  For next 1.5 years Rahu in Libra and Ketu in Aries. The next cycle of 18 months. A new wave. Doomsday etc is bullshit. It such imperceptible planetary transits that bring Changes. And the differences. Last Log/ Post I wrote about the spectacular boring non-event of "Doomsday". We merely hype up events to FILL UP the VOID inside. We crave drama in our empty insides. In our routine, mundane  empty lives. Looking "forward" to some fantastic imaginary cosmic event as "doomsday". Because we love DRAMA and  Hype. We are in AWE of dramatic changes. Yesterday at the very moment of Rahu Ketu transit into Libra Aries such high drama. Uranian rupture, Plutonian upheaval:
Yesterdays Headlines: DELHI PROTESTS take Violent Turn. 150 injured, policeman critical. Massive Demonstration in India Gate over Bus gangrape of young 23 yr old girl a week ago. Conflict between police and protesters. Hooligans join mob. Teargas, stone pelting, PCr vans , DTc buses damaged. Heart of the capital.  I was out with contractor , helping him purchase a Tablet PC in Lajpat Nagar. Far from the throbbing crowd, lathi charging police, tear gas, and violence and the uproar. I was in my fringe Neptune crawlspace.  Neptunian changes are crawling slow. They creep upon us. Like cancer.  Every morning after heavy food, late nights, especially winters, I have blood residues in my morning spit. Is it cancer? Why am I too lazy to find out. Satisifed with my ayurvedic doc's advice, that its a sign of intestinal irritation. I'm procrasinating. Hiding my head in the sand. Neptunian escapism. But one day, I wake up. I'll finally realise. Once it's too late. All the rupturous high drama and protest over the brutal gangrape of 23 year old, I feel, like other Indian dramas will be soon FORGOTTEN by the public. Public memory is chillingly short. But blood residue in my spit will continue. Until one day its too late. The temporary/ illusory rush of high drama VERSUS the cold, criticapermance of crawling reality.. The latter wins....