Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Log 08: Reviewing 2012: Dragon Year.

Happy New Year, 2013! Today's 1st Jan, 2013. Rather than the usual "may your coming year be.." this and that, I want to pause for a moment and retrospect about 2012. A year full of events, shifts, ruptures, evolutions, movement, eccentricities, etc for me. I'm in Chinese Zodiac: OX (1973). See link: My OX self in Dragon year 2012. THERE was a lot of Breathless action. SO MUCH ruptures and movements. Dragon's a combination of Uranus+ Pluto + Rahu energies, 2012 year. So obviously, my Neptune type energy got razzzled!! We shifted out of our 7 year long stay at GK 2, to move to Vasant Kunj. Then shifting house again within ONE month. Father in laws cancer treatment, continous trips in and out of hospital. Long stays. Then I moved to Guwahati for a loong time. Worked with IIT students Snehal Ghag on my first graphic series on Rahu Ketu. Movie festivals. And full of events, movements, travels, etc. Then AGAIN I returned to Delhi, and we RETURNED to our former place of Seven years residence. sangeeta quit her job, started her own practice. then again, return to Gwhy after shifting, to take take back our adolscent maid, who was going crazy n Delhi. Then again a long stay in Guwahati, roaming with Lueit to Tura, shillong many trips. Then formation of Gravity activity centre. fathers winemaking workshop. Finally AGAIn back to Delhi in Nov, for father in laws treatment. Then staying in New House, converted SUDDENLy into an office. Movement after limitless movement. So that was the year of the Dragon for me. I quote: "2012, Year Of The Water Dragon: Dragon years occur every 12 years but Water Dragon years only occur every 60 years.  The last Water Dragon year was in 1952.  Dragon years are characterized as dramatic, full of lavish and unpredictable events". Very DRAMATIC. Now this year's of the Snake, much better suited for "ox' sign like me. That way, 2013, the year of the Snake is better predicted for me: My OX prediction in Snake year. Cheers to all of you. Neptune is the planet that enables us to dissolves our boundaries, structure in order to access wider insight/ inputs. So I'm being able to understand my past year BEYOND the defined structure of my Vedic astrology calculations. Cos, Neptune's a solvent. Neptune dissolves boundaries! Happy new year, 2013!  Cheers!