Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Log 03: Tarpan Ritual at Shanti Kunj, Haridwar

I had written a earlier article on visiting Shanti Kunj ashram at Haridwar in May '12, as suggested by astrologer Savita Jain to perform pitra tarpan ritual. This time around, I went with friend architect Hemant. He had been suggested to do the ritual by Savita Ji. We're supposed to go Saturday evening, but postponed. Finally left suddenly without plan, on sunday afternoon at 3. I was already having cold, allergy, cough. But still Pitra Tarpan ritual is a great process. Not to be missed, if the the opportunity comes your way. especially for someone who has Pitra Dosh , like me, Saturn Ketu conjunction in the 9th house.
We reached at late evening, December cold. I was having gas, breathing problems and had forgotten to take my Asthalin along. They said we couldn't move out after 10pm, so no dinner. Indirect fasting. Night couldn't sleep due to gas, suffocation. Nightmarish torture as compared to the first time. Morning bath at 4am. Cold. Luckily gas powered geyser. Then, set out for medical shop to get Asthalin. None. Took Aciloc and Deriphylin for gas and severe acidity. Finally, sat in main hall with 23 others for Pitra Tarpan ritual. Through a topsy- turvy, serpentine trail, had somehow made it.
Ultimately a pilgrimage is about trail , tribulation, testing and NOT a tourism trip, or joyride. so, second time I could despite all obstacles, Pitra tarpan Ritual at Brhma muhurta, dawn. Whew! The Return journey was long , winding and a COMPLETE joyride. Thankfully! Neptune brings us unplanned events/ activities Outside structure. If we respond, great!!