Friday, December 21, 2012

Log 06: Doomsday Updates

10:30am, everyone's saying the world will end today, 21st Dec, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendr. As far as our Vedic astrology perspective, no such thing. All planets in their usual aspects. NO out of the ordinary scenario. BUT what compelled to think about Doomsday is from the synchronicity standpoint. Millions if not billions of people, all around the world, thanks to internet, social media, are going to focus on Doomsday today. They will think of today, 21st Dec, 2012, as the END of the world. COULD there be any effect of SO MANY people concentrating on ONE SINGLE TOPIC at the SAME TIME? God knows, And the writers of  ever popular "The Secret" will know. With their "thoughts become things" theory. And all those who believe in "creative visualisation". I'm writing on Doomsday is because I "accidentally" found the book James Redfield's "Celestine Prophecy" (very popular in our college days, mid '90's). In his book, Redfield talks about the end of the Mayan calendar signfying end of one level and beginning of a new level of consciousness for humanity. An era that signifies a evolution of human awareness, cognition, perspectives. For those who are attuned/ aware of SYNCHRONICITY,  meaningful coincidences in their lives. Even the popular Kung Fu Panda says "there are no accidents". True, since the 90's there has been an overall awareness of synchroncities, overall design, etc. Hence, for "accidentally"  having found my favourite college book, James Redfields "Celestine Prophecy" I am going to update LIVE on this post, on Doomsday, to see if  there is any rise in synchronicity/ coincidence levels on this Doomsday. New Delhi, 11:40 am.
  1. Update 1: Only synchronicity in last few days: a lot of sci-fi book, especially short stories, with few mandatory stories on global catastrophes, worlds end landed in my lap. At friend Kareems bookshop, Nehru Place. Where I often paint together with him. Also finding Celestine Prophecy which made me write this post anyway. Reading scifi giving sense of global perspective.
  2. Update 2: Was on facebook video chat with Neha, and other chats after a long time. Sharing my doomsday invite to people. Neha said 7.2 richter earthquake in san fransisco. lets check.
  3. Update 3: Am on online video chat with a friend/ counselee. Teaching Ketu and Jupiter mantars. Wife's office employee hasn't come. SO had to wait. So on chat. Video too. It was HER destiny to learn on doomsday, on LIVE video chat for me. i wrote: " doctors/ healers/ service providers think that they r GREAT. wrong! its the NEED of the wounded/ ailing/ agonized that creates them. NO disease, NO doctor. today i understood that.its the patient that creates the skill in the doctor.. its the patient that creates hospitals etc etc, NOT the other way around.."
  4. Update 4;  Evening, 8:53 pm. whole day went by in stagnation, brain fry, was "coincidentally" stuck at home. video chatting whole day. For a guy who doesnt even come online. Later domestic duties. couldn't have been a MORE duller day. One noticeable thing, Doomsday was really SPECTACULARLY BORING! Unimaginably boring. Atrophy in the brain. I just wanted to see for myself. so much for this STUPID HYPE about DOOMSDAY. Horse shit !!!! ***)(*&^%$#!!! ( curses, Tintin's Captain Haddock style). Only one thing, this will make good ironic mundane comedy later. This Neptune log updates. Quite a  lot of my friends are excited over 'doomsday'. But i knew it held NO vedic merit. Only the exit of Rahu Ketu from Scorpio, Taurus respectively, day after, late Sunday night, 23rd December,  can bring some changes. That too slowly and gradually. NO eureka, Uranian rapture/ ruptures for me. Only the mollass like, crawling, boring, super slow, Neptunian dissolution.  Too slow even to perceive. I thought of a new title to this blog: Neptune Logs: crawling like mollasses.. super slowness!! Ha ha!
  5. Update 5. Actually its the same upate 4. Just wanted to put down something: Un- happening, non-Event like Neptune. So crawling slow, its NOT an event. Merely a regular mundane, ordinary day. boring to death. Crawl of Neptune. Doomsday: NON- eventSPECTACULARLY BORING!!!


  1. Dada, I don't know what to write, when you have asked me to create my own blog on this site. You know my condition. Its a Graph, which is now at its lowest point..Hope your support and positive energy will make me strong. Don't want to face this kind of situation again and again.. Thanks a lot once again...

  2. all the best, masfique. I told to write in our facebook group. this one u can simply follow ,. with google