Sunday, December 16, 2012

Log 05: Outer planets- ALWAYS there within

My first blog ever, in 2007, when i began blogging, was titled: "At the fringes/ edges/ margins". Yesterday when I was updating this blog description, I used fringes, margins to describe the outer planets, namely,  Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. I realised that the influence of the Outer Planets have always been there deep within me. It is only I who took so long, so much effort, to merely find WHAT is it I was trying to describe. Even after dedicating my blog exclusively to Rahu Ketu, a blog on Lord Saturn, a blog on Karma, a blog exclusively on Ketu, i was still miles away from WHAT it was I had been trying to describe. The portfolio of the Outer Planets included disruptions, change, transformation, crisis, the very meta dynamics of Evolution and completely opposed to Structured systems. The realm of quantum uncertainties, fuzzy logic, lines of flight, ruptures, deviations. The very seeds of Mutation and Evolution. All those who love X Men series, superheroes, supernatural, odds and far out things would be so delighted by the workings/ transits of the Outer Planets. AND the vedic nodes Rahu Ketu.
But primarily, it's a great satisfaction to be reaching somewhere, which has always been there within me from the earliest childhood memory till date. And which topic is the only thing I'm naturally specialised to talk about. And especially Neptune. With its blurred edges, diffused boundaries, spilling margins. With its ambiguities, fuzziness, and slippery edges. Finally, I can talk about what I want. Within.