Sunday, December 9, 2012

Log 04: Karmic lessons of Rahu transit thru Scorpio

In the last three years Rahu Ketu has been transiting thru their signs of debilitation in the Zodiac. For those of us with Rahu Ketu problems in our natal chart, these have been trying times. But also and opportunity to repay our Karmic debts. An opportunity for purification. This current Rahu transit thru Scorpio ( 6 jun 2011- 22nd Dec 2012) has its own challenges and indirect spiritual opportunities.

Scorpio being my 2nd house, I'm learning Karmic lessons regarding finances, close people, family, friends, cash flow, speech. If I have been unceremonious, hurtful, callous in my speech in past incarnations, this had been my time to learn what it feels like to be on the receiving end. If I had denied others cash flow in forgotten pasts, this has been my moment to feel the heat myself. Ultimately in the universe, we reap what WE HAVE sown in prior incarnations. No escape from Karmic Law. But its difficult to understand/ comprehend this WHEN we're going through a ROUGH time.
Usually, Ketu is associated with the "Sting in the Tail" but in this case for me it's been the reverse. Its Rahu which has brought its lethal sting in the tail in its current transit. In the last two months of its 18 month transit, I have begun feeling the FULL heat only in these past two months. From the beginning of November, the stings began. the stings to the heart, mind, body, soul, ego, pride, etc etc. Sharp stabs to jolt the carcass out of the skin. But then its Scorpio we're talking about. In these past two months, it's been difficult to imagine that stings/jolts/ stabs could come from so many directions. But Karmically, many smaller frequent stabs are better than  ONE singular backlash. So like my friend Bitu says, "installments are Far better than ONE single down payment.."! So I guess that's a Karmic lesson I had to learn in this current transit. Though rather difficult. At least some Karmic repayments are done with. Now two more weeks left, until this 18 month transit ends on 23rd Dec. Let's hope for the best, yet expect the worst!!  ;)