Friday, January 30, 2015

Log 03: Twofold Energy clearing process

As Vastu explores Spaces, and astrology explores Time, the science of Energy explores the dynamics of our Energy field/ Aura. In this series, I narrate my experiences on the unfolding journey of Energy Clearing..

In these past three months of healing and guidance from my Energy Clearing guide,  Dipankar Roy Karmakar , I have had the opportunity to learn and experience many diverse aspects, and processes, of Energy healing/ Clearing. In this post I would like to share with you about the Twofold process of  Energy Clearing/ healing that I have personally experienced. The first step is Knocking/ Shaking: which clears pending issues, blockages in our Energy Field. And the second step is Grounding/ Balancing, which earths, reboots, balances the distribution of energy in our Energy field. Sharing in details...

Knocking/ Shaking: In any human condition, we are usually steeped in layers and layers of prarabdh (pending) karma. Before universal Energy actually begins to flow into our lives, we have to make space within, by clearing the layers of these pending/ prarabdh karmic issues. Hence the necessity of the experience of "knocking/ shaking/" namely getting jolted, shaken, rattled in our core areas of Energy blockages. This somewhat rattling process is mandatory before such rock like blocks, twisted entangling knots, jams, clogged channels in our Energy field can be broken. And space created within for universal energy to flow in. Like homeopathy, in Knocking/ shaking phase, prevailing physical problems can be magnified, conflict situations seemingly appear out of nowhere, but the relief is that they disappear as suddenly as they appear. I personally find this process of Knocking/ shaking similar to use of corrosive acid to unblock a jammed kitchen sink waste pipe, or the use of a earth mover, bulldozer to break down giant rocks, before a pathway is cleared through the mountains. It's the most efficient process by which catharsis/ clearance of negative energies happen. Knocking/ shaking can be controlled to a great degree by various Grounding/ Balancing prayers, rituals, and use of appropriate crystals as suggested by one's Guide/ Lightworker/ Energy healer. I have written in great detail on my own experiences of Knocking/ Shaking in my previous posts, Log-00: energy-clearing-begins and in Log-01-mandatory-rocking.  

Grounding/ Balancing: In most people, there exists a natural state of imbalance in their personal Energy fields. Some areas, Energy points, Chakras may be overcharged/ overtly magnified, and yet other points, areas, might be weak, drained and depleted. This fragmented, lopsided, imbalance in the Energy field creates imbalanced, edgy, unstable situations in one's life patterns, and life issues. Hence the processes of Grounding/ balancing are of utmost importance. Like Knocking/ shaking clears debris and blockages in the energy field, the process of Grounding/ Balancing creates a well grounded, stable, functional Energy field, where a healthy circulation and distribution is established in the Energy field in a wholesome, holistic manner. The healer according to the persons energy Field suggests specific mantras, activities, crystals for this process to take place.

From a personal perspective:
I personally find this process of Grounding/ Balancing similar to the leveling of a ground before a roadway is created over it, or the process of de-fragmenting a computer to clear more space, or rebooting and resetting a machine before it restarts functioning in a more balanced and optimum level. In my personal experience, I have been always blessed with special gifts and talents since childhood, but because of imbalances in energy levels in other areas, I have always found it difficult, if not impossible to bring fruition to these gifts and talents. In my own personal perspective, an ordinary yet more balanced personal Energy/ aura is far, far more desirable to me, than an personal Energy field greatly endowed in in some areas, yet grossly undernourished, imbalanced in other areas. Once, my initial Knocking/ Shaking process concluded, I have commenced practicing mantras combined with certain crystals for the Grounding/ Balancing process. And as opposed to the Knocking/ Shaking process, the experience of Grounding/ Balancing are hardly dramatic. In fact they are so subtle, that you hardly feel them working at all. My Healing guide, Dipankar told me that Knocking/ Shaking process can be compared to Yang energy: Hot/ electric/ sudden/ Sharp and Short. And Grounding/ Balancing process is like Yin energy: Lukewarm/ subtle/ super gradual almost imperceptible but their effects are far and long fetched.
My gratitude to my healing Guide and the universal energy for my experiences so far, on this unfolding journey of energy clearing.

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