Sunday, January 25, 2015

Log 02: Levels of Energy Clearing/ healing

As Vastu explores Spaces, and astrology explores Time, the science of Energy explores the dynamics of our Energy field/ Aura. In this series, I narrate my experiences on the unfolding journey of Energy Clearing..

In these past, now three months of interaction, training, healing, insight, guidance from my Energy Clearing guide, Light-worker Dipankar Roy Karmakar , I have had the opportunity to learn and experience a diverse series of aspects, processes, techniques, pathways of Energy healing/ Clearing. In this post I would like to share with you about the different Levels/ Modalities of  Energy Clearing/ healing.

Levels/ Modalities of  Energy Clearing/ healing.  

1) Basic Energy Counseling, Dowsing and Divination,  : In this First level  the patient/ client approaches the Energy Healer/ diviner with either a specific and particular query regarding any prevailing or general issue, be it career, relationship, health, recognition, etc. Or he may approach the Healer/ diviner with and open mind, with no such particular queries, just requiring an overall Energy assessment of his personal energy, his potential opportunities, strengths and about  his weaknesses.  The Healer then dowses, divines and identifies   the various Energy situations and issues in the persons life and energy. Appropriate suggestions, advice, prayers, and counseling is offered and suggested by the Energy Healer/ diviner. There is no commitment or obligation required on part of the patient/ client regarding the various divined knowledge by the Energy Healer.

2) Situational Healing: In this Second level the patient/ client approaches the Energy Healer with a specific and particular problem or issue, be it career, relationship, health, recognition, etc. The Healer then sends Energy, performs rituals, and appropriate prayers to relieve that particular situation on behalf of the Client. Commitment is required on part of the patient/ client except in the thorough following up of the procedures and suggestions as guided by the Healer, in the allotted time frame.

3) Core Healing: In this Third level the patient/ client approaches the Energy Healer with lifelong repetitive problems and life patterns. Those with Horoscope doshas like Manglik Doshas, Kalsarpa Dosha, Pitri Dosha, Guru Chandal Dosha, etc. A minimum of three months of commitment is required from the client/ patient. During this period, the Healer provides different levels of therapies on a weekly or Ten day period basis, which is then updated by the patient/ client. The patient/ clent has to mandatorily follow up with the healer on a regular basis with various, feedbacks, updates. The healer then modifies his therapies, solutions as when neccesary according to the feedbacks, response of the client/ patient. At the end of the three month period, a review is made whether the problems have been negated or in case, not, whether much deeper forces are at work.

4)  Karmic Healing: In this Fourth level only when the patient/ client has been identified with having deep seated Karmic issues, which transcend the scope and depth of the usual planetary, astrological Doshas. A much more deeper situation having been identified, it's mandatory for the patient/ client to adopt Energy Healer as a Guide/ guru, and a commitment of  six months is given. The client/ patient has to accept the channel of energy as offered by the Energy healer. The commitment on both sides is utmost, and once the Guide accepts the patient/ client as a sishya/ follower, he gives personal involvement of his own personal energy channels to forward and advance the healing of the patient/ client. The transcation on both part of Helaer and patient is one of utmost, commitment, reverence, involvement. This draws analogy to the Guru- Sishya parampara/  traditions of the ashrama where a karmic bond ties both the Guide and Follower to the highest dictums of Karmic conmnection, accountability, energy and scared knowledge. It's obvious, that at this level that the Patient/ client shares many of the secret Energy initiations as decided by the Healer. During this six month process, the patient/ client begins parctising many energy initiations and healing processes on his own behalf and initiative suiting his personal body energy type, as divined and discerned taught by the Energy healer.