Monday, February 2, 2015

Amethyst 01: clarifying decongestant

Rough, raw, tumbled, gemstones are always preferred in Energy Healing. Because as opposed to the precious astrological gemstones, their effects are gradual, gentle and subtle. And, as they demand an dynamic participation on part of the user, they forge a far deeper bond with one's personal energy/ aura. In these series, I narrate the experiences of working with healing stones, suitably initiated and energized by my Healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar.

Even though I have been working long, as an Vastu consultant and astrologer, I have had a strange experience in regards to gemstones. seemingly suitable gemstones as per my astrological horoscope would be repulsed by my body in the shortest while. except for the cats eye, that I had been wearing since 2002, as suggested by astrologer and gem consultant Prasanta kr Barman in 2002. Even in the later years, as I began to expriment extensively with various semi precious, tumbled gemstones, i found only the same effect. they would soon be rejectd by my body in the shortest span. so i ultimately discontinued my more than a decade long winding investigation, exploration into finding an appropraite healing properties of gemstones for me, which would not be rejected by my body, personal energy field.
However, after a series of fortutious circustamnces, finally connecting with Energy Healer/ lightworker Dipankar Roy Karmakar, and participating in various energy rituals, especially the negation of existing Pitra Dosh in my horoscope, I found a strange alteration.... gemstones that were formewrly previously immedeatly rejected by my body, in the smallest quantity, were now heavily accepted in heavy dose by my energy field/ body

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