Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Log 01: Mandatory rocking

As Vastu explores Spaces, and astrology explores Time, the science of Energy explores the dynamics of our Energy field/ Aura. In this series, I narrate my experiences on the unfolding journey of Energy Clearing..

Today's an auspicious day for all kinds of prayers, past life clearing activities, as it's Mauni Amabasya ( New moon). As described in the earlier post, in the past one month I experienced a lot of shaking/ knocking/ hammering/ rocking at my core issues, blocked Chakras. As explained earlier, to clear one's karmic junk/ debris, this experience of knocking/ hammering on our key issues are necessary for spiritual growth. Otherwise we remain stagnating in our whirlpool of stagnation. But after having reached Delhi, for some days, I was back to my previous state of complacent floating, swampy muddiness, that is always so very familiar with my existence in Delhi for the past nine years now. But my energy guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar saw this and asked me to step up my Energy Clearing prayers to Mahakali, which was soon followed by a resurrection of the shaking/ knocking/ hammering/ rocking at my core energy issues, which I had SO gladly escaped from, from my hometown Guwahati. To escape in the the muddy, vegetative  complacency of my New Delhi existence. But, alas, no! Nature had other plans for me, so here I was, back again in the quarry of rocks, blasting and getting blasted at all my pending issues, and prarabhd karmas. Better to get the mandatory rocking, shocking, and have my energy blocks cleared, then vegetate and float around in buffalo like complacency. Though, the latter feels so much more better to a lazy bum like me! ;) . At the end of it, Energy Clearing demands courage and forbearence, that's what I have come to realise. Better to get on with.. now itself, than later with accumulated pileup!! :)