Friday, January 16, 2015

Log 00: Energy Clearing begins

As Vastu explores Spaces, and astrology explores Time, the science of Energy explores the dynamics of our Energy field/ Aura. In this series, I narrate my experiences on the unfolding journey of Energy Clearing..

Energy Clearing begins..
Over the years, in my personal and professional journey as an practicing Vastu consultant and Astrological consultant, I have found my attention increasingly drawn towards the somewhat mysterious realms of Energy Clearing, Aura energies, Chakra healing, etc. And since 2010, via many fortuitous interactions with various clairvoyants, healers, intuitive personsage, have been afforded somewhat fickle and fragmented glimpses into the world of Energy and Spirit. But finally, in November 2014, courtesy of  my fellow traveler on a lifelong spiritual journey and childhood friend Sanjit Narayan Deb, and through a  twist of fortuitous circumstances, I had the opportunity of an one hour personal interaction with  Energy healer Dipankar Roy Karmakar, in his residence at Bongaigaon. This simple one hour interaction, that too a harried and hurried one, on account of my accompanying friends, suddenly began an unfolding over the next few days, and has begun a whole new journey into the world of Energy Clearing/ Healing. And one, which I feel, befits mention and narration into my long winding traditon of blogging on such realms.

One and half month of Clearing/ cleansing
Towards the end of November 2014, Dipankar called me and told me about One and a half month of knocking, shaking, catharsis we were going to experience in the times ahead. He said, the month of November 2014 and uptil 15th Jan 2015, was a period of overall catharsis that people on the spiritual path would experience. Before a new wave of light, consciousness, awareness gradually unfolded. It was during this very period that Dipankar had told me that my spefcific Healing energy Deity was Mahakali. She would actuate and unfold the twofold process of Catharsis/ Clearing and Resolution/ Rewards for me. Dipankar specifically told me, one thing that set apart Mahakali from all other Deities, that she was the incarnate Deity of physical manifestations. All her affectations and signs in our life would be Physical and Personal. No wonder, then all that I went through for the next one and half months were all physical symptoms of clearing/ catharsis. Fevers that disappeared as suddenly as they appeared, prevailing stomach problems magnified to a great level.Then, conflict situations magnified, and often i found myself on the receiving end of rebuttals, accusations for things that I had nothing to do with. every time I called up Dipankar in great alarm, he assured me this was how catharsis of negative energies happened, and that "knocking/ shaking/ getting jolted" in our areas of energy blockages was mandatory before such blocks could be broken, and space created within ourselves for universal energy to flow in. And Lo, like he said, the sudden issues would soon vanish as rapidly as they began. Provided, I did my grounding prayers to my personal deity Mahavishnu and tributes to my Energy Clearing deity Mahakali.
The amounts of issues within my own self was stupendous and mind boggling as one complication before the other sprouted up to the surface before it could be finally cleansed/ cleared. But after a period of consistency from my side, the process of Catharsis/ clearing became smoother and better, er.. choreographed. But, most astonishing aspect of this period was that many of my long pending repetitive issues were suddenly being inflamed out of proportion and then gradually on their own died down. Another astonishing experience I had,. was people around me often seemed to be possessed and acted like mediums or channels for universal energy in its incarnate process of clearing.  Twice I landed up at my ancestral place at Choladhara, Jorhat, to perform cleansing/ clearing rituals, on the insistence and accompaniment of two of my close friends. And on and on it went.
Finally after a dramatic turbulent cathartic period i somehow landed up at Delhi again.
And, on the very FIRST day of Magha, I got a sudden Vastu Client out of the blue after my log absence for almost four months, out of whose auspicious earning I prayed tribute to Mahkali, at Bhairav temple at Nehru Place. And as I pen off today, 16th of January, i offer my sincere gratitude to my Guide, energy healer Dipankar Roy Karmakar and my healing deity, mother Mahakali. Tribute and Gratitude!

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