Thursday, August 28, 2014

Log 33: my first film After Paris

As I've found repeatedly before, the main thing in my own life, and for many many others on the path of spiritual evolution, is, the process of Karmic Clearing. All good things happen as a by product of this process of Karmic Clearing. You just need to focus on this process of clearing your negative Karmic debts. Clear up your karmic gaarbage. Surprising things, happen as a by product. For me, is the process of completion of my first length video film. On my own life, on exile, redemption, hangover, and recovery. Thank you to all those involved in this magical journey. Thank you universe. Keep on at it. The process of Karmic Clearing. you never know what YOU might uncover. Within yourself..
My gratitude to the universe and this invaluable process of Karmic Clearing...

For more about the film, click link: Camerapraxis Link: About-my-film-After-Paris-Adim-Phukan/

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