Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Log 09: 2012-2013 in Chinese metaphysics

Neptune gives us the ability to dissolve boundaries, stuckness. And access wisdom by transcending boundaries. In my earlier post, Log 08, I have already discussed my experience of the prior Dragon Year, 2012. In this post I want to shed some light on some analogy between our Vedic Rahu Ketu cycles/ transits and Chinese zodiac. Thanks to Neptune energies I could dissolve my rigid Vaastu viewpoint and access wisdom ACROSS boundaries....

On one post I found that the Dragon year, 2012 preceded by the Serpent year, 2013 earmarks a new unfolding in human development. I cannot but help compare our Rahu (Dragons Head) with the Dragon year, 2012. And compare Ketu (Dragon's Tail) with the Serpent Year, 2013.  The Dragon, the mythical oriental beast, is a Yang, supermasculine creature. Comibination of Uranus, Pluto, Rahu energies. Power and upheaval incarnate. For me it symbolises Dragons Head/ Rahu. And Serpent for is mystical, Yin, Tantric, Occult secret incarnate. Combination of symbo Neptune/ Ketu/ Saturn energies. And the juncture of the Dragon/ Serpent years (2012/2013) for me symbolizes Rahu Ketu., Dragons HEAD- Serpents TAIL,  Urobros, the Cosmic Serpent that is eating it's own tail. The beginning and closure of a cycle! So I repeat below:
Dragon Year 2012: Head/ Super Yang/ Rahu, Uranus, Pluto/ Raudra
Serpent Year 2013: Tail/ Super Yin/ Ketu, Neptune/ Pitras
And since this cycle comes every TWELVE years, it also conjuncts with the MahaKumbh in Allahabad. Which occurs after every TWELVE yaers. I see a lot of analogy/ parrallels between our Vedic cycles and the Chinese Zodiac cycles. especially this Twelve year cycle thingy!
Neptune is the planet that dissolves boundaries and helps us see underlying waves beneath.Thanks to boundary dissolver , Lord Neptune, I'm seeing vaster waves/ cycles of interconnected waves. Though, like Neptune misty view..hazily.. ; )