Thursday, January 3, 2013

Log 10: Funda of Letting Go

Todays 3rd Jan, 2013. Delhi's in the grip of chilling cold, deathly winter. The sun seems to have taken a complete vacation. And in the beginning of this New Year, herein, I want to share the Neptunian funda of Letting Go. BEFORE anything NEW comes into our life, we must make ROOM for it. By clearing out OLDER stagnant energies. Everyone's so excited in the beginning of  each New Year, expectant with new promise of NEW things to happen, newer way of doing things, new resolutions, etc. BUT, that can NEVER happen, without us first, LETTING GO. Without us, first sacrificing, letting go of older way of doing things. Once you begin the process of letting go, automatically, you CREATE the cause for Newer energies to move into your life. So the whole New cycle begins with first step. The step of Letting Go..
Now that the chinese, Dragon Year is coming to an end, and Snake year, beginning in Feb'13, I suggest we use the month of January to begin our final cleansing processes of Letting Go, Cleaning and Clearing. Cheers!