Monday, January 7, 2013

Log 11: Vague trip to Patna

Boundary dissolving Neptune creates vague, ambiguos half becomings, wayward tangents. In this light I landed up with my contractor friend in Patna. There was a building apartment to be executed and I accompanied him. My role was vague/ undefined/ unclear/ OBSCURE. Perfectly Nepunian obscurity!!! Due to extreme cold, fog our train journey of scheduled 12 hrs was delayed by an additional 12 hrs. Cold, foggy Patna was in grasp of deathly cold at 3 degrees. We visited the site briefly and entered our hotel, a surprisignly warm haven. I drowned myself in Herman Hesse's Magister Ludi/ Glass Bead Game. A novel of immense metaphysical proprtions. I had grappled with the intellectual mountains of the immensely LENGHTENED train journey.  Reaching Patna randomly, cooped up in a warm insulated hotel room, I was in perfect non- territory to eschew upon the epical work by Hesse. Morning, my contractor  colleague was up and doing push ups. Somehow crawled out and joined him. It was 'coincidentally' COLDEST day in PATNA at TWO degrees celsius. We set out in the cold morning, visiting the site, markets for local materials. Freezing, hungry till afternoon. It was the perfect Neptunian journey of vague objectives, delays, randomness. WHY  did i have to LAND UP in Patna of all places to freeze my butt, when i was doing it perfectly in freezing New Delhi.  NOW ALL TRAINS ARE DELAYED DUE TO COLD WAVE/ FOG. Perfect Neptune trip. Entrapped in a strange new city with nothing but a copy of Herman Hesse's Magister Ludi/ Glass Bead Game. Odd/ obscure/ vague. PErfectly NEPTUN

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