Thursday, February 12, 2015

Log 04: Role of Guide/ Guru in healing

As a practicing Vastu consultant, and Vedic astrologer for more than a decade, I have had the opportunity of numerous interactions with various practitioners of  various divining arts and healing techniques over the years. Especially, in these past months, after of initiation and training in Energy Clearing, under light worker, energy healer, Dipankar Roy Karmakar, I could strongly experience the significance of the Guide/ Guru in the healing process. Today, I want to share my experiences, which might bring insights to many of those interested in the unfolding journey of the healing process.

In a ballpark figure, I can say that the role of Guide/ Guru, is that they help us by showing better and more optimized way of doing things. They help us avoid numerous mistakes, which we would have otherwise made, and thus accelerate our healing process. From the spiritual standpoint, they speed up our learning, which otherwise would have taken many more lifetimes, to complete. Often, they make us see things from a different perspective, and thus help us liberate ourselves from our prejudices, and preconceived notions. They help us notice things that we'd previously overlooked.

Divine Intution of Lightworker
even though I have been a practicing Vedic astrologer for many many years, certain manifest symptoms in own life issues, were very difficult to place, or source. My energy Guide, lightworker Dipankar, with divine dowsing, intuition  helped me detect, understand many critical doshas/ imbalances, in my birthchart, which were previously undetected, and even when contemplated, were grossly overlooked,  These doshas, or karmic imbalances were so subtle, and deep down, that only an energy healer/ diviner could have noticed/ sensed them. The significant thing is that even though they were subtle, their effects were physical, gross and ever manifest in my life. Everytime, he would divine about a particular dosha/ imabalnce, it would take me weeks to understand and comprehend, how deep down their effects permeated and penetrated in my life energies. Like they say in Taoist thought..
The root of light lies in darkness
The root of heaviness, lies in that which is so light
The root of that which is so gross, lies in that which is.... not
 In the subtle petals of blooming flower, that we we see.. not
Cheers to the Guide/ Guru in helping us, see, what we ....not