Friday, February 20, 2015

Log 05: Dipankars stormy visit

In these past few posts, i have continually recounted how my journey in energy healing unfolded after my fortuitous  meeting with my guide, light worker, energy healer Dipankar Roy Karmakar in the inetriors of Bongaigaon. That singular one hour meeting, began a long winding, eventful, unfolding journey in energy healing for me, through the past three months. But since that initial meeting, all our conversations and interactions have been over the phone, and healing and dowsing had been over the distance mode. It's true, like how Dipankar says, that one direct, personal meeting with one's true guide/ guru, is enough to initiate the process of energy healing. But sometimes, a direct, personal one to one interaction is very mandatory for one to cross into the next level of energy clearing. Especially for those who want to closely work with the unfolding process of energy dynamics. So, it was with quite some elation that I received the news that my guide would be passing through Delhi, where I could directly interact with him in person. And, I could review, sum up, my unfolding experiences over the past three months. But what I thought, would be a review process for me, ended up as an insightful and stormy breakthrough into the next level of Energy Clearing and Crystal Healing..

Dipankar had been called to Delhi, by a Vastu client of mine as there were continuing problems in his food processing factory, and which Dipankar had dowsed, to reveal strong energy imbalances in the factory premises. And the nature of the energy problem in the factory was of quite a great magnitude, to be sufficiently cleared by distance healing, and prayers. It needed powerful healing rituals and on site, and healing prayers, to be directly performed by an experienced energy healer directly in the very premises. Hence, Dipankar was flown in for the energy healing/ clearing process.
We picked him up at the airport and had a quiet dinner at the clients place. Next morning, we met at  Bhairav temple, near Pragati maidan, where Dipankar had called his clients family members, me and my wife to perform chants and bless us with specific prayer healing. We completed our offerings to lord Bhairav and sat inside chanting, andI with my black tourmaline beads for grounding/ balancing. Suddenly a dog fell out of a great height, suddenly disturbed by the workers working on the renovation of the temple. What struck us astonished, was that it's falling from a height, when the normal course would have been for it to scamper and run horizontally, on it being disturbed from it's sleep. This was one dog that was definitely suddenly  Grounded!!
After completing or prayers, and buying specific flowers for the pooja from Lado Sadai/ Mehrauli flower market, we finally ended up at our place for an impromptu lunch after a long day of fasting. Even though my wife had hardly any time, she cooked up something in a jiffy, and we had quite an auspicious breaking of fast on Monday, on the coincidental eve of Maha Shivaratri. I was suposed to see them off, but suddenly the client insisted that I come alomng for the healing rituals. On Dipankar's insistence, I agreed to tag along. Later, that evening, we set off for Uttarkhand, from the clients place at Rohini. The train set off from Old Delhi railway_station, and we're damndedly late, the knocking shaking of the process had begun!! But once reaching the station, were surprised to find the trasin mysteriously delayed, and it set off 10 minutes after we boarded. The high drama of energy healing. Finally we reached early, at 3am, and directly set off to the factory for a brief reading. Later, as reached our residential quarters for some badly needed rest, Dipankar told me not to sleep, as since we had visited the premises of energy imbalance, the energy process had begun, and if i would sleep, i would experience some tremendous knocking and shaking. So, it was great difficulty, with many cups of coffee, and watching for the 27th time, one of my favorite movies As Good as_It_Gets. Remarkable was, that the last scene of the movie closes with Helen Hunt and jack Nicholson, reaching a bakery in wee hours of morning, same time the movie ended for us in real time, and as we welcomed dawn after that. After managing to stay awake somehow, I was informed by Dipankar that he had received intuition that, surprise of surprises, that I was supposed to perform the prayer rituals. Quite a twist in the tale! And upon noting down the process of the prayer rituals, I was quite astonished to discover, that one distinct part of it involved, resolving of a land related manglik dosha, which was present in my own astrological chart on a suppressed, dormant, yet super strong level. By performing these specific prayers, myself the healer himself would be also healed along with the premises!! Through a fortuitous series of circumstances, the universe had arranged a great and significant ritual, whose indirect blessings would provide great healing resolution to my own personal energy imbalance!!
Later, after completion of rituals, i had shown some desire to partake in rituals of Shivratri, but extremely exhausted, we retired to our residential quarters for a well needed rest. Later in the afternoon, and I suddenly awoke with great energy buzz, which pervaded throughout my entire body. As if, i had consumed a great deal of bhaang and milk, as is customary on Shivratri. Whereas, all i had consumed was normal vegetable food. It was quite an astonsing experience indeed, and I found myself standing barefoot on the lawn, chanting on my black tourmaline bead for grounding/ balancing, and earthing.
Later, late at night we commenced our return to Delhi. All of us were sleeping in the car, especially me sitting next to driver, which was dangerous as the passenger next to the driver should always avoid sleeping, to prevent drowsiness form inducing in the fatigued concentration of the driver. While, we stopped at a tea stall, I made a prayer resolve to remain awake until we reachedDdelhi, even though I knew that I had not the perseverance and fortitude to follow through on that, as i fall asleep sometimes when deeply exhausted, even while walking or standing. However, I found a folder in my phone.. "80's Pop Hits" full of carefully selected adrenaline, super bright, super peppy, super glucose, sugar coated pop candy frost songs. Listening to them was actually like glucose, sugar rush being pumped through my fatigued nerves, and I COULDN'T manage a single wink, throughout the entire journey to Delhi. Even when we got off the client's place and retired to finally sleep, the glucose/ sugar rush of "80's pop Hits" didn't subside, and i couldn't manage a wink of sleep, until much late. Talk about energy prayers rush!!
Later, hastily we woke up and headed for the airport through the horrendous, and gargantuan traffic jams of west Delhi to reach the airport., The clients driver Rinku, drove maddeningly, and with nonhuman dexterity and we did manage to reach terminal 3 in time. However, as were making our way back home, Dipankar;'s call came, even though he was in the line for check in, Jet Lite closed as he reached the counter, refusing to allow him to check in and board the flight!! what weirdness!!
So, he re-booked the closest available tickets for Friday morning. Delhi had decided to keep Dipnakr for two more days. For what? We would come to know.
Later we reached the clients place and i crashed with great and utter exhaustion, finally! Finally when I woke up in the late afternoon, was feeling hot, buzzed, cramped, claustrophobic and highly constipated. Dipankar initiated a clearing mantra for my Amethyst beads, which i repeated over and over. Suddenly, I had to get up and rush for a number of times to the toilet, and my body began rapidly clearing, cleansing itself of pent up body heat, and pile up debris of the past 48 hours of hectic displacement. This was highly and surprisingly uncharacteristic for me, as i get usually get constipated and congested with too much hectic sleeplessness, and yet here I was, exhausted beyond belief,  where my body suddenly decided to completely change it's normal behaviors, and I experienced a bout of loose motion, and i could biologically experience the relief and release process of Energy Clearing!!
Later, we went for a brief stroll in the nearby market, where Dipnakr purchase some toys for his son, which was only possible because of his flight cancellation. Later, reliefed, relaxed and recharged, especially myself by the Clearing, decluttering healing energies of the amethyst crystal beads, we sat up, chanting, praying, and in intensely long winding discourses and discussions on various dimensions, processes, methods, intricacies, and some of my very personal subtle experiences of energy healing! He demonstrated techniques of healing as he provided healing sessions to the clients family. and I could particpate and undertsand various techniques and approaches of energy healing. and impropmtu and crash course into energy clearing. I continued till the late of night with my own chanting process with the amythsy beads bringing in further clearing, decluttering/ decongesting relif, release. Crystal Healing was a process best learnt, understood when directly and personally  EXPERIENCED.
Later, morning being Thursday, i did my usual rituals at the conveniently located Vishnu temple in the clients residential colony itself. After that we moved to the clients office to cursorily check his office Vastu. I was astonished to find great imbalance and chaos prevalent in the premises, and more so that after knowing him so long and having done his home Vastu, long back, he had completely overlooked to call me to his office premises, the zone of his troubles and imbalances. But Dipnakar healing process had opened his eyes, and i casually landed up there. I immediately took charge and began supervising a reorientation of the furniture, decorative items, gadgets, on a hands on dynamic process, and within two hours the office energy seemed changed, modified and far most positive. The clearing/ decluttering mantars and energy of the amethyst beads had carried itself forward on it's own!
Later on Dipnakar's insistencer, we tyook the metro and came all the way to Gk2, to my residence and met my wife, totally entangled in herr project submission. On our terrace, directly at home, Dipnakr initiated energy riotuals for my wife, directly at home. The fortutious energy Clearing property of the universe clears time and space where there is none, for the opportunity of energy clearing to take place. My much gratitude to dipankar and the universe.
Later, we returned to the clients place and  Dipnakar did a detailed dowsing, energy scanning of the clients daughter, who had been earlier unavailable and the healing session was now only possible because of the Dipnakrs missed flight. In fact, in light of her prevaling chronic cough of more than six months, i would say she was the one who desrved the most detalied energy clearing/ healing in the family. Which was now possible because of a missed flight. And as usual, till late night, we continued our discussions and exchanges on both energy Clearing and Crystal healing.
Finally next morning, i dropped Dipankar to the airport, and returned exhausted to my home, in time to help my wife in some small errands with her current submission, which went well as I complete this post, with great sleepless exhaustion yet infinite gratitude...
What a stormy comet.. that seared through Delhi city.. cheers!!

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