Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jupiter 00: Fourteen Years Later

Negative planets in our birth-chart indicate Karmic Debts, which overrules all positive potentials. I was repeatedly suggested remedies for debilitated Jupiter by astrologers Upadhyay, Hitesh Deka, Visti Larsen, Malabya Deka, & others. But only on insistence of my aunt Bula Khuri (Bobita Phukan), & through advice of Late astrologer Biren Bora of Jorhat, I began my remedies, from May 2013. Herein I explore effects of this karmic cleansing...


Since a long time, a lot of senior astrologers, and my fellow astrological colleagues like Prasanta Barman, Astrologer Upadhyay, astrologer Hitesh Deka, and astrologer Visti Larsen  had been suggesting that the debilitated planets in one's horoscope are the MOST important Karmic consideration. As they are the prison wardens in control of our current existence. And although the effects of  debilitated or malefic, never come in the direct purview of our EGO perspective, they remain at the edges, draining us completely from our full potential. We never come to realise the full potential of our horoscope unless we fulfil the KARMIC DEBTS of our Debiliated/ Malefic planets.   And blindly, because of misguidance, an because of my own training/ education as an Vaastu/ astrology consultant, I had completely ignored the considerations of the debilitated planets in my own chart. I thought, lets NOT bother with what I don't have, they DON'T matter.  Let's do with what I HAVE. But after the forceful insistence of my "forever- oracle" aunt Bula Khuri ( Bobita Phukan), who had always throughout helped me unravel many mystical truths, hidden astrological discoveries in life (check my other blogs), I finally surrendered my ego, and as she suggested, consulted her Astrologer Biren Bora of my paternal hometown Jorhat. His remedial measure over the phone sounded too casual, general, and ordinary. To pray to Tara and appease the effects of my debilitated Jupiter. Earlier Astro Visti Larsen, astro Hitesh Deka, and astro Upadhyay had suggested the same and I HAD done some half hearted remedial measures. But after repeated insistence of my "Oracle" aunt Bula, I did the Hom / Havan/ sacred fire at Kamakhya, to Ma Tara, as suggested by Biren Bora, and I did this, more as an obligation to my aunt. 

Few days, after the ritual in my hometwon Guwahati, I was scrummaging through some papers in my cupboard. I found a piece of paper: an astrological prescription from Astro Biren Bora dated 1999. On it, he had suggested Tara Hom/ Havan worhsip at Kamakhya. FOURTEEN YEARS EARLIER I had been, advised by the same person, the same remedy, but had somehow completely ignored, overlooked it! And it was now, that I had to go to the SAME person 14 years LATER, get the same advice, and finally began the remedial therapies!! The sheer irony of it!! Finally, I realized the Hidden Karmic DEBTS that we owed the debilitated planets in our chart! We might go round and around for uncountable years, even DECADES, on the Credits of our positive, benefic planets! But finally, we had to come to terms with our debilitated planets and FULFIL our pending Karmic obligations towards them. Praise the Lord for helping me understand this!!
"You never know what you're missing unless you actually experience it". In the past three months I have seen some rather unexpected effects results trickling down in my life. What I previously considered peripheral matters, mundane issues, tangential topics, BUT now, I've understood, that these "minor" things have unpronounced major effects on our lives, the direction of our growth and evolution. I've begun to comprehend the Karmic dynamics of debilitated planets upon the daily drama of our existence. 
One major/ minor thing I could notice is that a sense of well being, relaxation, has slowly come in. Otherwise, before my brain was in constant tension 24 Hours, in stranglehold with anxieties, obsessions, complex vexations ROUND THE CLOCK! Now, my over heated, and almost burnt out brain has gradually begun finding more pauses, phases of  contemplative relaxation. The permanent HYPER-ness of my personality, has magically reduced, DESPITE the prevailing circumstances and events. I could not have ever imagined that, internally, I could be so much more chilled out! Praise the Lord Vishnu!!
Also, as an unprecedented behaviour, I somehow began the process of slowly dumping, donating, distributing all of my old clothes. And gradually replacing it by a colour scheme more suitable and harmonious to my horoscope. Colour schemes more suited to my personae, my own planetary vibrations. And as a result of this, an overall sense of comfort, relaxation, has descended upon my daily life. Previously I used to feel permanently awkward, uneasy, self conscious. But now, strangely, I've become least self conscious and oblivious to the self. All I can say's that: What a Relief!!

Another MAJOR change, I have observed, is regarding the advice to  my astro/ vaastu clients. Now, I find myself emphasizing more on REMEDIAL measures for debilitated planets. Whereas earlier, I used to focus more on gemstones, astro stones, to amplify weak benefic planets. Now, my remedies are more in direction of charity, donations, mantras on specific days, for debilitated, malefic planets. I've come to realise the significance and value of Karmic clearance regarding debilitated planets. Praise the Lord Vishnu!

I acknowledge the initiative of aunt Bula Khuri, and the diagnosis of Late Astro Biren Bora just few months before he passed away on July 2013. And also, earlier ignored advice of Astro Visti Larsen, Astro Hitesh Deka, Astro Upadhaya, Astro Malabya Deka. For making me understand the Karmic significance of debilitated planets

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