Monday, September 2, 2013

Jupiter 01: Morning picnic at Jahapanah forest

"Bejor Nakot Khor"- Assamese idiom meaning: Biggest Wart on nose of healer/ shaman himself). Under topic "Jupiter" I narrate effects of remedial measures for malefic/ debilitated Jupiter in my OWN chart. First diagnosed by late astrologer Biren Bora of Jorhat in 1999. Finally addressed, under initiative of my aunt Bula Khuri (Bobita Phukan), from May 2013..

2nd Sep, 2013. One thing I have begun realizing, about the importance of Karmic planets in our  horoscope is that the effects of remedial measures towards debilitated malefic,planets never come in a straightforward or scheduled way. They come in tangential forms, unofficial offshoots, by-lanes, or detours. But helping us perceive and undergo expereicnes that we NEVER experienced before..
Yesterday 1st Sep, Sunday, went for a Sunday morning walk with our neighbours Sanjay Diwakar and wife Veena, and their daughter Nelise for the first time ever in our life to our neighbouring Jahanpanah Forest. Surprised, we found a VAST jungle, sitting spat in the middle of Urban Delhi, in the bang middle of G.K. II. We took coffee in flasks, sandwiches and had a unusual Sunday morning. Finally we sat amidst a vast green filed below a Gazebo, and felt like we're in some faraway resort. Whereas, we were merely 15 mins away from our place. All these past EIGHT YEARS, the Jahapanah Forest lay there, but this is the first time we ever landed up  to have a picnic there. Round and around, around the circle of our daily groove for eight years. But never having the briefest crack in the wall to just land upon such a unexpected paradise of adjoining Jahapanah forst. Praise the Lord Vishnu!

I acknowledge the initiative of aunt Bula Khuri, and the diagnosis of Late Astro Biren Bora just few months before he passed away on July 2013. And also, earlier ignored advice of Astro Visti Larsen, Astro Hitesh Deka, Astro Upadhaya, Astro Malabya Deka. For making me understand the Karmic significance of debilitated planets