Friday, August 23, 2013

Karmic Fusion: Odd + Odd= Even!!

23rd Aug, 2013. Many times, we are stuck with something in life, that doesn't seem to make ANY sense. Say, a piece of  obsolete HARDWARE, a redundant odd thing. But, yet somehow, we remain stuck with it. Like a vestigial organ connected to our body. An ODD appendage! Then Suddenly, one day, we meet someone, who has the other component, the other side of the story: an obsolete, ODD, redundant SOFTWARE. Having the SAME complaints, same issues like US!One that perfectly complements our odd HARDWARE!  SHAZAM!! Karmic Fusion happens! SUDDENLY, obsolete HARDWARE+ obsolete SOFTWARE=  creates some Totally Unexpected results! That's what Karmic Connection is ALL about! Harmonic Synchronicity! Two totally ODD/ Imbalanced / Incomplete things COMING together to CREATE: Perfect Sense!!