Friday, March 23, 2012

Chronicle 07: Pitra Tarpan ritual at Haridwar..

On Monday, 20th Mar, 2012, I visited Haridwar with client/ friend Ila  Jain and her sister in law. We went to Shanti Kunj ashram and performed Pitra Tarpan ritual to absolve Pitra Dosh effects in our birth charts. In earlier posts I had explained how astrologer Savita Jain had revealed Pitra Dosh in my horoscope, in form of Saturn+ Ketu in my 9th house. After knowing this I began a series of tributes, ritual dedicated to the Pitras and began this blog especially dedicated to Pitra Karma. For long I had wanted to visit  Haridwar and perform a Pitra Tarpan ritual under a enlightened, vedic priest. But as in the case of all pending Karmic blockage, I always found the way blocked.
So finally when my client Ila Jain who was relative of astrologer Savita ji, told she was going to Haridwar to perform the same, I was considerably elated. Sometimes we need that strategic / small external intervention to help us when our own ways are blocked. So i came over to her place overnight so that i wouldnt miss the early morning departure to Haridwar. But early Monday morning, I awoke with severe acidity, heartburn, gas, palpitation, giddiness. It would be impossible for me to go to Haridwar as nothing was subsiding the acid levels. But Ila Ji being the wise host, offered me 1/4 glass of cold milk. Sometimes we need that small friendly intervention to help us when our own ways are blocked. Slowly the giddiness, heartburn, extreme disorientation seemed to be lessened. And finally we somehow set out to Haridwar.

Shanti Kunj ashram was a big campus full of medicinal gardens, hostels, prayer halls, temples... the whole works!!. Because of Savita ji's references, a dedicated priest took the three of us seperately and did an exclusive Pitra Tarpan ritual for us. He explained EACH and EVERY step of the Tarpan ritual, its significances, philosophies, dedications. A ritual which takes max five minutes by rogue priests took us more than TWO HOURS!! They didnt charge/ fleece us. Whatever WE felt comfortable to offer to the charitable trust of the ashram was accepted. A FAR cry from the usual experience of religious rituals!! Later we went to the ganges and offered Tarpan offerings of wheat/ flour to the gigantic fish swimming in its clear, clean refreshing cool waters. Ghat no 16 was farway from the maddening crowdes and felt heavenly...!!
The only crowds were schools of fish that crowded to eat our food offerings.
I thank the Pitras, Lord Vishnu, and my client Ila Jain for creating this graceful opportunity. My thousand thanks to astrologer Savita Jain who had enlightened us about Pitra Dosh, and guided us to right channel of Shanti Kunj ashram at Haridwar. Om Pitra Ganay Namah...